DVD Review: The Carol Burnett Show – The Lost Episodes

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The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes

From the box:

During the late-’60s, CBS was “The Carol Burnett Show” network, a joking reference based on the program’s widespread popularity and huge ratings. Yet the first five seasons have never resurfaced – no reruns, streaming video, DVDs or other formats – until now. Time Life introduces The Lost Episodes, which bring back many unforgettable moments from the show’s groundbreaking years. Once again, fans can see the debuts of Lucille Ball and Tim Conway on the show, as well as rare appearances by Burt Reynolds and Flip Wilson. JIm Nabors, the lone guest on the show’s premiere, proves why he became Carol’s “good luck charm” and returned to kick off each new season. There’s also the birth of the classic sketches – “As The Stomach Turns,” “Carol and Sis,” and “The Old Folks.” Bonus material includes interviews with Burnett’s guests, plus a backstage tour of CBS Television Studio 33 in Hollywood, where Carol and the gang worked their magic. 


16 UNCUT episodes as originally aired including classic sketches: “The Old Folks,” “Carol and Sis,” “Alice Portnoy,” “V.I.P.,” “George and Zelda,” “Charwoman,” and As The Stomach Turns.

Guest stars including Don Adams, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Nanette Fabray, Andy Griffith, Steve Lawrence, Paul Lynde, Jim Nabors, Bob Newhart, Bernadette Peters, Burt Reynolds, Don Rickles, Mel Tormei, Flip Wilson, and more!

Bonus features include:

Back Stage Tour, Never-before-seen outtakes, featurettes, and interviews with the cast and guest stars and more.

The Carol Burnett Show ended before I was born so I never saw the first run episodes. I must have seen the show in reruns or via specials or something because I have always had a fondness for Carol Burnett, even if my memory fails to tell me where it originated. So imagine my joy when Time Life announced the show was finally releasing on DVD and more recently, releasing these “lost episodes.”

First and foremost, this show is funny. Top notch comedy that holds up even now, decades later. I laugh and laugh at these sketches. They’re so great. This cast is exquisite and Carol is stellar.

This set gives you 16 episodes that haven’t been seen in years and reliving them, or living them in my case, is a joy. It’s a great time capsule of the era both in terms of the comedy but the celebrities and performers of the day. Watching this you’ll be sucked right into the 60s with some fantastic musical performances and some truly funny funny stuff.

If you love Carol Burnett, this set is an absolute no brainer, especially if you want to get your hands on everything available from The Carol Burnett Show. It’s also a great introduction to the show that will get you hooked and make you want to complete your collection (which you should do for laughter sake).

Great sketches, some excellent bonus features make these Lost Episodes a treasure.

The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes is available now.

10 out of 10 mops.

Check out Carol Burnett at Time Life!

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Garon CockrellDVD Review: The Carol Burnett Show – The Lost Episodes