DVD Review: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Season One

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YPF S1 DVD art hi-res

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is
A)An Iggy Pop and the Stooges song
B)An awesome thing to say on a first date
3)A silly violent and profane Adult Swim series

It’s All of The Above, duh! And honestly, as with most Adult Swim’s Quarter Hour original programming, you’re either all in or you’re not.

And if you’re not, you’re probably not reading this. So how about I stop talking to the people who aren’t reading this and concentrate on the ones that are…

Hey. So, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is a live action comedy with a simple hook: It’s difficult to make good and impress your boss, when your boss is Satan himself. Hell is both mundane yet terrifying and everything is designed to hurt you. Trust me, you do NOT want to visit the break room.

Dave Willis is the creator of the show, whom you may know as the creator of The Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So, again, you know what type of humor to expect: lots of butt stuff, lots of blood, and Dana Snyder (The voice of Master Shake).

I will say that even though I’ve come to appreciate the randomness of Adult Swim’s comedy (Some people use the term “Anti-Comedy, which I hate) YPFiGtH is actually pretty straight forward- Gary, a lowly office worker in Hell, gets a task from Satan and screws up royally while Claude, Gary’s intern, manages to achieve said task whilst also screwing Gary over.

Fairly simple, right? But don’t forget the demons, torture, masturbating spiders, blood-letting, broken limbs, possession, various bodily fluids and huge leather codpieces that are sprinkled throughout the six episodes included in season one.

Plus, it’s uncensored so you can hear all your favorite swears!


Your Pretty Face is pretty light on the bonus content.
A few promos featuring Special FX. Commentary on every episode that cements the fact that it was really hot everywhere they shot, being covered in red make-up sucks, and there will be a lot more stuff in Season Two. Lots of extended takes are mentioned, and it is said numerous times that “they may be on the DVD extras” but it doesn’t seem like that happened, at least not on the review copy.

The BEST bonus is the original Short that lead to the series. It’s completely different in tone, Taking the concept of a classic Twilight Zone episode “A Nice Place to Visit” to hilarious extremes. It also features quite a few familiar cameos for fans of comedy.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is a fun but short Journey into Green-Screened silliness that you will no doubt enjoy because, as we stated, why else you you be reading this!?

Cop your own copy on July 14th!

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J'Mel DavidsonDVD Review: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Season One