Episode Recap – The Originals S02E18

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The Originals s02e18

Finally! Dahlia has made it to New Orleans, and I don’t think our friends in the Big Easy will ever be the same again. She is by far the best villain that has been on this show; little sis Esther couldn’t hold a candle. Even Mikael seemed like a fluffy bunny compared to evil Auntie Dahlia. Yes I said seemed, as in past tense, but we’ll get to that.

Hayley and Jackson are taking a sweet newlywed stroll through the quarter with Hope when things start to get a bit weird. People are staring, creepy violin lullabies are playing, and someone offers them a black dahlia flower. Klaus appears and before he and Hayley can do anything Dahlia speaks through Jackson and informs them the she is everywhere and is coming after what is hers. Freya explains to everyone that Dahlia used a spell that she calls kenning to possess people to keep an eye on. As she brews them a tea that will protect them from this spell they begin to brew plans of their own. True to their characters Elijah wants to create an enchanted fortress where everyone can be safe, Freya wants to track Dahlia down via the magic trail she left behind in Jackson, and Klaus just wants to kill her.

Klaus goes to Davina to help create a weapon. Of course he finds the poor thing in a cemetery mourning Kol. Does she ever leave the cemetery? I feel like she’s either there or that creepy church attic. She doesn’t want to help him at first because, as we all know, Davina is the queen of holding grudges. I understand Klaus has done some pretty horrible things, but at this point I’m ready for her to just get over it and start looking at the bigger picture. Klaus offers to trade Kol’s ashes for her help since they will be vital to his resurrection. Their first step is to locate Mikael since he has been off, on Freya’s orders, traveling the globe finding the ingredients for the spell. There are only three things actually, dirt from Norway, the ashes of a Viking, and Freya’s blood. You would think creating a weapon to kill the most powerful witch in the world would be a little more complex.

Elijah teams up with Marcel to try and convince Josephine to cast a spell on an old club that would prevent any magic from being preformed there effectively protecting them from Dahlia. I’m pretty sure Josephine just likes to tell Elijah no because he’s even more adorable when he’s annoyed. She finally agrees to put a blessing on the building that would prevent any magic intended to harm the Mikaelsons from being preformed. Freya attempts a little magic of her own when she tries to trace Dahlia through Jackson. The spell doesn’t get very far once Rebekah discovers that the reason Dahlia is so strong is because she has been drawing from Freya’s power this entire time. Freya insists she didn’t know, but Hayley and Rebekah don’t believe her and make her leave.

By far my favorite thing this episode was the forced partnership of Klaus and Mikael. They trade one insult after another and after awhile the spiteful tone becomes almost playful. They decide to put history behind them because this fight will decide the fate of both of their beloved daughters. As Freya walks through the Quarter we get to see Dahlia for the first time in this century and she does not disappoint. While I doubt whether Freya is completely trustworthy after this scene I know that she has been truthful about wanting to kill Dahlia. Claudia Black plays this part perfectly with unsettling intimidation. Even though I think she’s the best baddie The Originals crew has ever come up against I hope they kill her quickly, I don’t know if I can handle her next season. Thanks to her kenning spies Dahlia is well aware of Klaus and Mikael’s plan to attack and she is waiting.

Back at the compound Elijah is none to pleased that Hayley and Rebekah made Freya leave and makes it clear that even though they might not trust her she is there only chance against Dahlia. It is decided that Hayley and Jackson will leave with Hope and go to the sanctuary with Marcel later that night. Rebekah and Elijah stay behind hoping Freya will return. After she does come back things start to move quickly. She warns Elijah and Rebekah that Dahlia is luring Klaus and Mikael into a trap and oh what a trap it is. Dahlia meets them in a church and has bewitched a few dozen people turning them into her fighting witch zombies. Considering how strong Dahlia is on her own this doesn’t seem all that necessary, but she insists it to make the fight a bit more fair. When really it’s more like a cat playing with a mouse before it kills it.

While the fight rages on Jackson tries to convince Hayley to abandon Elijah’s plan and enlists Aiden to act as the getaway driver. Of course he doesn’t know that Aiden has been secretly working with Klaus and now Aiden finds himself in a tough spot. He turns to Josh who is already aware of Aiden’s double-dealings, thanks to super sonic vamp hearing. Hayley eventually agrees, but instead of taking a side Aiden just doesn’t show up at the rendezvous blaming it on traffic. Marcel finds Hayley, Jackson, and the baby and Hayley very unconvincingly plays it like they had been waiting for him the whole time.

If everyone could have seen the fight with Dahlia in the church I think they all would have agreed that running and hiding might be a better choice after all. Apparently Dahlia can decay a vampire with just a flick of the wrist. While Mikael does get in a pretty decent impalement after Dahlia turns her attentions to Freya it isn’t with the magic knife so it doesn’t actually do much good. Even with Elijah’s help not only did they not defeat Dahlia, but she made off with that stupid knife.

The post battle argument back at the compound is more heated than most. Freya makes it clear that Klaus’ brute force approach was the worst thing they could have done and I have to agree. Work smarter Klaus not harder. With Freya’s plan they would have made multiple weapons, very smart, but now they are out of the ingredients to make more. Well, only one ingredient is actually hard to come by, the Viking ashes. Unfortunately for Mikael he is the only killable Viking still around. Before anyone can stop him, not that anyone except Freya would want to, Klaus has Mikael pinned to a wall with the white oak stake. There is one last “Why didn’t you love me” conversation before Klaus runs him through leaving a burning Viking on the floor and Freya inconsolable. If one shocking death weren’t enough Dahlia confronts Josephine and after letting her play one last time slits her throat in the middle of the street with a violin bow.

So now both of Mikaelson parents are dead leaving the children to fight evil Aunt Dahlia all alone. I have a feeling not everyone is going to make it to season three and even if they do once Dahlia is defeated and Freya is free I don’t think she will be very forgiving about losing Mikael.



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Jessica LaurenEpisode Recap – The Originals S02E18