Every Theme Park Reference in The Office

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There are three things I love: theme parks, The Office, and fandoms colliding.

I was a bit late to The Office, having long been a theme park fan by my first watch through. It’s not uncommon for parks to be mentioned in our favorite sitcoms, some shows having entire episodes on theme park property. While The Office never visits the Magic Kingdom together, some lines throughout the show make me believe a theme park fan was on the writing team.

Season 3, Episode 9: Pam hates the Six Flags mascot (Mr. Six).

“She also loves those ads for Six Flags with the old guy.”

When Andy wants to ask out Pam, Jim squashes it with a prank, telling Andy facts about Pam that are untrue in hopes he uses them on her. One of these false facts is that Pam is obsessed with the “Six Flags guy,” aka Mr. Six. Andy sings “We Like to Party” by Vengaboys to confirm they are talking about the same commercial.

Knowing Pam grew up in Scranton, this would specifically be an ad for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, a short three hour drive away.

Season 5, Episode 7: Andy making reservations to be married at Epcot center.

“World-famous Walt Disney’s Epcot center.”

When Andy is trying to plan his wedding to Angela, he places deposits at a variety of locations without her knowledge. One of these is Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center.

So much to unpack with this one — why Epcot out of the Florida parks? How much was that deposit? Where in Epcot would the ceremony take place? And when Andy goes on their honeymoons later in the series as he can’t get refunded… did he also try to visit the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow?

Bonus entry: In Season 5 Episode 5, Andy offers to move them to Celebration. Celebration, in some ways, is the real Epcot. The planned community adjacent to the parks is designed and operated by Disney, fulfilling Walt Disney’s original Epcot vision.

Season 7, Episode 8: “I cried the whole time”

“When I was ten years old, my parents took me to Disney World. I cried the whole time.”

This line was written by the Sabre team for Ryan to say after speaking about a fabricated life of addiction. The combination of this being said by Jim, it being said in Florida where this is incredibly normal to do, and the odd age choice of ten make it a hilarious detail of the script.

Season 7, Episode 17: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure promotion from Dwight.

“And you make sure to get down there and check out that Harry Potter World… Harry Potter World is supposed to be faaaantastic!”

In an attempt to get Todd Packer out of Scranton, Jim and Dwight offer him a fake position working for Saber in Tallahassee, Florida. Dwight decides that the best way to convince Packer to move is by heavily promoting the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... nevermind that the Tallahassee office would be four hours away from Orlando.

Season 8, Episode 2: SeaWorld or see THE world.

“Kevin, are you saying see the world or SeaWorld?”

Before ever seeing The Office, we have all seen Kevin Malone say “why say lot word when few word do trick?” Immediately before this iconic moment, Kevin is being pressed about his speech patterns. Kevin mentions he wants to “see world,” prompting Jim to ask if he is actually planning to visit a SeaWorld property.

I still want to know where Kevin was going to see oceans, jumping, fish, and China. It honestly could have been Epcot.

Season 8, Episode 19: Disney Town

“Take the kids to Disney Town?” “Land, world…”

No contest, this is my favorite theme park reference in the show.

This odd exchange occurs when Robert California asks Jim if he is looking for a raise in order to take his kids to “Disney Town.” There is just something about Jim taking time to come to the defense of The Walt Disney Company that I find hilarious. People with no feelings for these parks really would not bother to spew off the names of both domestic properties, and we have not seen Jim take an interest in Disney before. Did CeCe have an upcoming Disney Town trip we just never got to see?

What’s your favorite theme park moment in The Office? Are you as surprised as I am that Michael doesn’t visit Hershey Park and demand a slow-moving dark ride about paper? Let me know below!

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Hannah WilsonEvery Theme Park Reference in The Office