Extinction Is Coming (And It Looks A Lot Like Attack On Titan)

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Iron Galaxy, the studio behind Dive Kick and Killer Instinct: Season 2, announced their project today. Extinction looks, for all the world, like a take on Attack on Titan‘s formula of giant monsters against humans.

I really enjoyed Omega Force’s take on Attack on Titan, but it did have some hangups. Movement while not flinging through the air using the vertical maneuvering gear felt clumsy. Thankfully, the segments you weren’t using it weren’t too common, but they were enough to break up what otherwise was a helluva good time. Extinction will probably live or die on its character traversal. The announcement trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage, so we have to leave how the movement shown in the trailer will work in the game to our imagination.

Where Attack on Titan wore a little thin was variety of the missions you had available to play. Extinction looks to remedy that by adding in a fair amount of modes to play with. Aside from the story mode, there’ll be an endless wave mode and a mode that lets you make custom scenarios to challenge other players with. There are also leaderboards for both of those modes, which should add some replayability to them.

You also have a skill tree to upgrade abilities that best suit your playstyle, hopefully adding a layer of customization that might keep things fresh. Wall-jumping and using your whip as a grappling hook of sort is part of the traversal, so hopefully this really adds to the movement options available to you.

Extinction is coming to PC, Playstation 4, and the Xbox One. It’s a bit of a ways off (Q1 of 2018), but it’s definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye on.

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Jason ArriolaExtinction Is Coming (And It Looks A Lot Like Attack On Titan)