Film Review – Kundo: Age of the Rampant

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Kundo: Age of the Rampant is one of the most exciting period action films I’ve seen this year. It’s has some truly incredible set pieces; full of great stunts and swordplay. It is epic in scope with the plot broken down into a series of acts. Have a look at the trailer:

A warning: this premise synopsis is a little spoiler-y so stop now if you want to go into the film totally raw. Set in 1860’s Korea, Kundo takes us into a world of corrupt nobility and poor peasants. An outlaw clan has become like Robin Hood and is killing corrupt officials and returning all their ill-gotten wealth to the people. When a greedy noble needs his sister in law and unborn nephew killed to inherit; he attempts bribe the butcher Dolmuchi to do the dirty work. When the butcher cannot go through with the murder; the noble attempts to murder him and his family. Barely surviving, Dolmuchi comes to join the clan and seek his revenge.

kundo 2

Kundo is a supremely beautiful film, with the vast rolling landscapes captured in all their majesty. Lovingly crafted sets and great costuming put the film on par with any period piece I’ve seen out of China or Japan. Director Jong-bin Yoon (The Unforgiven, Beastie Boys) tells the story with a modern flare that we’ve seen in some of Tarantino’s work in the last couple years with modern soundtrack and heavy narration. It allows the film to retain its period feel while adding stylized interest. Jung-woo Ha is phenomenal as Dolmuchi, starting out as a timid butcher, one of the lowest classes, and becoming the nearly super-human ‘Dochi’, the man he is reborn as when he joins the clan.kundo 1

Thrilling, well-shot, and massive in scope, Kundo is a can’t-miss Action film. Kundo: Age of the Rampant is released unrated by WellgoUSA. It opens in select cities this Friday August 29th.

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Adam RuhlFilm Review – Kundo: Age of the Rampant