‘The Firelight Isle’ Kickstarter is a can’t-miss treat for the eyes

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The Artist himself, Paul Duffield

You might recognize artist Paul Duffield’s beautiful, expressive style from comics like Freakangels (with writer Warren Ellis), and other titles from Avatar Press, Marvel, Boom! Studios, and various other webcomics. His latest project brings together the first volume of his webcomic ‘The Firelight Isle’ in full color vertical hardcover print.

The comic is about: ‘a tale of coming of age, self-identity and cultural discovery, set in a fantastical civilisation gripped by a mysterious religion. The story follows the lives of Sen and Anlil, two childhood friends about to be parted as they undergo the trials of adulthood, and take their first steps on a journey with an uncertain ending!‘ (paulduffield.co.uk, About The Firelight Isle).

It reads in a ‘ribbon’ style, like a long scroll playing out at about the equivalent of 6-8 comic pages in one long go. It’s pretty, and with interesting characters and the kind of writing that’s obviously supported by a lot of careful planning and research. I’ve always loved Duffield’s art, and his sense of pacing and story make me love his writing, too.

The Firelight Isle Webcomic


The Kickstarter has a lovely animated trailer that features music by Jane Aubourg, and the music is available to backers as one of the tier perks.

For those who like something tangible along with their e-copies, this Kickstarter provides. Along with what looks to be a gorgeous vertically-oriented hardcover copy of Volume One of the comic, there are tiers offering prints, a pin, music, and hard copies of other comics by Duffield.

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JL Jamieson‘The Firelight Isle’ Kickstarter is a can’t-miss treat for the eyes