Game Review: Horrified – Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game

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This Halloween, the stakes have been raised as you and your friends fend off a multitude of monsters in order to save the town. Utilizing the classic Universal Monsters brand, Ravensburger has created a fantastic game full of frights and fun.

Each character takes the role of a villager tasked with stopping the monsters. The players all work together to either destroy Dracula’s coffins, discover a cure for the Wolfman, force the Creature back to the Black Lagoon, find the Invisible Man, seal the Mummy back in his tomb, or reunite Frankenstien and his Bride. With special rules for each monster, random items, and difficulty settings, this co-op game has maximum replayability. At first glance it can seem complex, but after a few turns you get the hang of it. Each game only lasts about an hour.

I can’t express how well done this game is. From the amazing components to the simple rules, everything about this game works. Don’t be intimidated by all of the moving parts, the game is easy to pick up and play even for casual gamers. The actions are simple to understand and the theme sucks you right into the game!

The components of this game are superb! Each of them are reminiscent of the Universal Marvel movies and they’ve done a great job of varying them for each character!

I cannot recommend this game enough. It’s fun, quick, but also challenging. The ability to add and mix in different monsters allows lots of replay-ability. I only hope that we’ll see some more classic monsters in the form of expansions.

Horrified is a 10 out of 10 stars!

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Kyle DodsonGame Review: Horrified – Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game