Gone Home Coming Home To Consoles After All

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It was no more. Gone Home coming to the  Playstation 4 and Xbox One was nothing more than a fantasy that had been snatched from my grasp. If you’re like me and don’t play PC games for circumstances beyond your control (my circumstance being my nearly two year old’s ability to destroy anything and everything he comes in contact with if left to his own devices for anything more than five minutes), this was a bit of tough blow to take. Hearing about all these fascinating games releasing on PC and Mac and never having a chance to play them is one thing that’s always irked me about being a largely console gamer. Now it seems like Gone Home was going to be out of my grasp as well.

Gone Home’s developer, The Fullbright Company, announced that the PS4 and Xbox One version is back on though and will coming to those consoles January 12, 2016.

Originally, The Fullbright Company signed on with Majesco to have their indie publishing arm, Midnight City, publish Gone Home. Majesco hit some financial woes and that may or may not have led to the console port having been cancelled. Fullbright ended up handling the port the port internally and Midnight City is still handling the publishing of the game, giving some indication that Majesco may have bounced somewhat bounced back.

No price has been announced as of this writing.

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Jason ArriolaGone Home Coming Home To Consoles After All