Theatre: Westeros Comes to Kingston – Graeme of Thrones

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Delusional nerd heroes are the best. There was Shaun of the Dead, there was Brian (Life of), who was not the Messiah, but a very naughty boy, and now meet Graeme, Graeme of Thrones.

Graeme of Thrones at the Rose Theatre

Following sell-out shows in London’s West End, North America and Australia the comedy hit “Graeme Of Thrones” comes back around to the Rose Theatre in Kingston on Monday, June 12.

Whether you are hardcore or a newbie fan, you’ll know enough to enjoy this meta-spoof. “Graeme Of Thrones” was created by a team of some of the UK’s top comedy writers who, while not quick to identify themselves, would like to confirm that this is totally original and gleefully unauthorised work. Mr Martin doesn’t seem to mind, and this GoT has been garnering rave reviews.

Graeme of ThronesIn the show, our Graeme is himself a superfan, and his dream is to stage a proper production of “Game of Thrones” the television blockbuster. Much like the kids at the local community college, he’s not going to let lack of money or talent stop him. Graeme throws together enough of a show to book his ticket to Westeros, or Hollywood, whichever of those is real, when along comes a major theatre producer, and…

Part of the fun is that it’s not meant to be perfect. BAFTA winning Jon Brittain, the writer behind shows like “I Love You but You Make Me Sick” and “My Imaginary Friend Patrick Stewart” explains it thus: “”Graeme of Thrones” is a parody/farce/show-within-a-show/loving-homage. The team are having a lovely time geeking out and discussing how ridiculous Ser Jorah and Littlefinger’s voices are, how Daenerys really should have double checked there was a no-nudity clause in her contract, and how Jon Snow really is incredibly boring (but so pretty!).”

So, we can probably expect jokes based on Winter, and the fact that it is coming.


“Graeme Of Thrones” will be at Rose Theatre Kingston on Mon 12 Jun, 7.30pm. Tickets cost £21. Tickets are available online,, by phone, 020 8174 0090, or from the Box Office.


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Martina O'BoyleTheatre: Westeros Comes to Kingston – Graeme of Thrones