#GTAV Releases on PS4 / XBox One

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Grand Theft Auto Vgta-5-case-xbox-360gta-5-boxart-release-date-revealed-z6zs7jd6

PS4: Releasing November 18, 2014

XBox1: Releasing November 18, 2014

PC: January 27, 2015

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto and you’re one of the very few (and rich) who haven’t bought the game but HAVE bought both new-gen systems, it’s you’re time to celebrate!  Rockstar Games has finally announced the release dates for GTA V on the Playstatin 4 and the XBox One.  They also set a date for the PC edition, which may feature even more new stuff and the possibility of mods!!

The re-release of GTA5 on next-gen will feature better graphics, more music and of course, killer orcas roaming around in the ocean.  So call up your bankers, burn your PS3 copy of GTA and get to Amazon NOW to pre-order.

[SOURCE of News: Inside Gaming]
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Trehern#GTAV Releases on PS4 / XBox One