Pop Culture Beast’s Halloween Horror Picks #8 – Feast (2005)

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feastposterIn this episode of Pop Culture Beast’s Halloween Horror Picks, I talk about a totally irreverent horror movie that’s just splattered in goopy, old school practical effects: Feast (2005).

Feast was the movie that was created for Season 3 of Project Greenlight, a reality show produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore. The movie was directed by John Gulager from a screenplay by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The cast is huge and includes Balthazar Getty, Duane Whitaker, Henry Rollins, Krista Allen, Navi Rawat, Clu Gulager, Judah Friedlander, Eric Dane, Diane Goldner, Josh Zuckerman, Jason Mewes, Jenny Wade, Eileen Ryan and Treach.

A group of people trapped in a desolate Texas bar fight to survive when a family of super-intelligent, over-sexed monsters attack!

I love this movie for its irreverent tone and willingness to cross any line of decency and taste, as well as for its reliance on fantastic, old school practical effects. The movie is dripping in blood, slime and guts!  Imperfect but deliriously over the top, I rate this one 7/10.

Halloween Horror Picks on YouTube : Feast

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Ryan StockstadPop Culture Beast’s Halloween Horror Picks #8 – Feast (2005)