Holiday Guide Part One: Shout Factory!

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For my money, one of the best specialty distributors of film and television right now is Shout Factory. They’ve got some amazing titles not only on their main product line but they have a spectacular horror/cult cinema line as well (see Holiday Guide Part 2!) We talk about it often here at PCB as we are huge fans of the Scream Factory collection of titles so we decided to dedicate an entire guide to both Shout and another to Scream!.

I’m super stoked to dedicate our first holiday guide of the season to the fine folks at Shout.  Here are some fantastic titles from the original line: Shout Factory.

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First up:


90s excellence:



LIOIt’s the 20th Anniversary for two classic 90s films and Shout Factory is celebrating with great blu-ray releases for Hackers and Living in Oblivion! Both great discs for two great films worth revisiting.

Want something else? How about Tank Girl? Another 90s cult classic Shout has released on Blu-ray.

Earlier you say? How about we jump back to the 80s with two, well technically three, 80s gems?

The Sure ThingeddieHow about some classic John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing? A classic teen comedy that looks great on Blu.


We can take a trip to the dark side with Eddie and the Cruisers Double Feature blu-ray! Great music here and this double feature is the best way to experience these two films.


For the kids:


The kids will love the classic animated tale, The Last Unicorn! The film looks just gorgeous on blu-ray. Shout has delivered a really great release for this one.

Or, maybe you want to give the kids a look at what you watched when you were a kid? Maybe a certain classic TV show that teaches about taking the good and taking the bad and you know taking both of those things.

Facts of life

The Facts of Life Complete Series! Share the shenanigans of Tootie, Natalie, Jo, Blair, and Mrs. Garret that you loved as a kid with your own kids. Heck, get it for yourself! Nostalgia! All nine seasons and everything you could ask for in a great complete set.

Let’s wrap up the Shout section of this guide with some titles for the parents!

reality South pond Crimewave






Shout has a little something for everyone in the family and these four titles are sure to be perfect choices for mom and dad!


Tickle that indie fancy with Reality, a hollywood satire from the writer and director of Rubber!

Maybe you have someone who would prefer all out war in the Louisiana bayou with Southern Comfort?

If angry cajuns isn’t your thing, maybe the Collector’s Edition of the landmark film On Golden Pond is up your (or your giftee’s) alley? Shout did a really great job with this one.

Lastly, Crimewave! It might not look like it, but this is actually a comedy! Let Sam Raimi (yes THAT Sam Raimi) take you on a hilarious ode to Film Noir. Did I mention Bruce Campbell is in it?

Ok gang, that’s it for Shout Factory.

Part Two of our Holiday Guide is all about the horror with some great releases from Scream Factory!

Then, Part Three will feature even more movies that you can get for absolutely anyone in your life. Keep an eye out and Happy Holidays from everyone at Pop Culture Beast!!


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Garon CockrellHoliday Guide Part One: Shout Factory!