Holiday Guide Part Two: Scream Factory and More Horror!

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Fans of the site know that we love our horror movies, so of course we would have a last minute gift guide dedicated to the genre we enjoy so much. And of course it would prominently feature one of our most favorite horror distributors: Scream Factory!

But, it’s not only Scream! We have a great collection of old and new titles that would make satisfying gifts for the horror fan in your life. There are even a couple that release post-Christmas in case you have late gifts to give or if you want something to use that gift card on.

Have a look at our quick guide, and remember you can get these great titles and many others via our Affiliate link at
Amazon (and by clicking any of the pictures)!

Scream Factory:

EJECTAThe CarYorgaDunzombie nightmaresBrain


















Look at that great set of titles recently released from our friends at Scream. You get some new stuff courtesy of Ejecta, some much anticipated cult classics like The Car and Nightmares, plus some old school sci-fi like The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Not too mention Eli Roth’s much loved Hemlock Grove.

You really can’t go wrong with any releases from Scream Factory and this season they have something for everyone. The kids will love the gross-out comedy of Garbage Pail Kids and there is even something for those adults that love gross horror, like the nastiest horror, tripled, with Human Centipede: Complete Sequence which features all three films in the controversial franchise.

Other titles to grab: The Return of Count Yorga, Women’s Prison Massacre, Zombie High, and The Dungeonmaster/Eliminators Double Feature.

If Scream Factory’s classic and cult offerings aren’t exactly up your alley and you have friends or family that prefer more contemporary horror, fear not. We’ve got some titles perfect for them too, including a couple that were genuine surprises.

CootiesFinal GirlsGoodnight Mommy






If any horror movies this year jumped out at me or audiences it had to be these three films: Cooties, The Final Girls, and Goodnight Mommy.

I absolutely adored Cooties. (I even tipped you off to it early on our Summer Preview List) It’s super fun, funny, and left me hoping for a sequel. Goodnight Mommy was a definite conversation starter and took the festival circuit by storm. The Final Girls was a delightfully fun take on 80s slashers. You really can’t go wrong with any of these titles.

More horror!

We’re not done yet!
knockGreenInsidiousBone TomahawkSinisterThe VisitSE









Some more great contemporary horror, including two more from Eli Roth who had a pretty busy year in 2015. A couple of these don’t hit stores until January which means they’re perfect for using those holiday gift cards.

Sinister 2, The Visit, Knock Knock, The Green Inferno, and Insidious Chapter 3 should fill the appetite of the most picky fan, while Bone Tomahawk is a great example of mixing genres in a tense and creepy horror(ish) western.

Warner’s Special Effects Collection gives a wonderful look at classic special effects horror stories with a four pack of excellent films that any fan will devour.

Finally! We’re going out with a bang with four fantastic titles from our friends at Twilight Time.

StrangeVAmpires Count Yorga Vampire







Twilight Time recently dropped some great horror films that have been sought after for quite a while. TT titles are limited and sometimes can get pricey but if you manage to get them for the horror fan in your life, they will be extremely grateful for sure.

Count Yorga, Vampire (perfect to go with Scream’s release of the sequel), Strange Invaders, John Carpenter’s Vampires, and Scream and Scream Again!

That’s it gang. Our holiday horror guide is complete. So many awesome titles. Christmas is very literally right around the corner but you still have time to grab these great titles and get them in time to make this holiday terrifying.

Do you have any horror titles that would make great gifts? Let us know in the comments!


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Garon CockrellHoliday Guide Part Two: Scream Factory and More Horror!