Interview: Marvel Universe Live!

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Marvel Universe Live

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marvel Universe Live’s Moe Alasrangy. Moe plays Spider-Man, who happens to be his favorite superhero. Coming, from a martial arts background, Moe always loved how Spidey moved fluidly. When he was a kid, Moe enjoyed both the comics and Spider-Man cartoons. “I always would end up landing in the classic Spidey pose.”

“I broke barriers doing the show,” said Moe. He promised lots of high-flying Spidey antics including swinging around the stage only holding onto a wire and even a 26ft high fall.


This show is a huge moment for Moe, who suffered a snow boarding head injury in 2010. He awoke from his coma and was told that he’d never been the same again. He overcame the odds and is now swinging high above crowds as his idol, Spider-Man.

Moe said that this is an entertaining show for everyone, but is definitely fulfilling for the comic fan. And yes, you can expect Spider-Man to say lots of his cheesy, and familiar one-liners during the show.

Marvel Universe Live sets itself apart from other stage shows because it has movie quality stunts including a full body fire burn, close proximity car chases, and vivd 3D projected scenery that can instantly turn the stage from the desert to Times Square.

Look for Moe Alasrangy swinging above your heads in Marvel Universe Live coming to a city near you!

Click here for ticket information.

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Kyle DodsonInterview: Marvel Universe Live!