Learn from the Hollywood experts with these classic Blackjack scenes

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Learn from the Hollywood experts with these classic Blackjack scenes

If you enjoy Blackjack games online, or otherwise, then we’re sure that you also have an interest in films that feature the iconic game! Whilst these classics are unlikely to give you any insight on how you should be playing, or tips to bag yourself a mighty win, they do provide heaps of entertainment! Fancy a good old laugh? Read on to find out more about our top recommendations.

Rain Man

One of the most famous and well-known films of all time, the 1988 cult classic Rain Man is almost always featured when the topic of must-see movies is brought to the table. The cast and crew of this film were the first to ever be allowed into the iconic Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, in order to shoot scenes for their blockbuster. The Palace’s “Emperor’s Suite” takes centre stage as the Babbitt brothers go on an all-night Blackjack adventure, striving for that big win. Luckily, it came their way, and the room is still referred to today as the “Rain Man Suite”, in the characters’ honour.

Rain Man presents a great example of the age-old trick of card counting, something that is heavily frowned upon in real-life casinos. Despite the reputation, card counting isn’t actually a form of cheating, unless some kind of an external decider or “helper” is brought into the mix. Charlie “Rain Man” Babbit is the film’s protagonist, and far beyond the need for any kind of aid, due to his multi-functioning brain. During their most profitable game, Babbit’s brother goes bust – drawing a Queen after already having a hand of 18. With this, Charlie Babbit can deduce that there will be no more Queens left in the deck, and use this theory to his advantage.

Now, unless you find yourself with a computer-like brain, we recommend you give this trick a miss!

The Hangover

Moving onto a more R-rated and comedic take on the classic game, filled with all things rude and crude! The mismatched trio of protagonists fell onto our screens in 2009, venturing onto the Las Vegas strip with the idea of celebrating for their best friend’s stag do. But, as we’re sure you can predict, things don’t quite work out that way, and they soon find themselves flocking to the casino to make money in order to pay off a dangerous criminal, who has kidnapped said best friend. Yeah, we don’t fancy it either!

As they enter one of the many high-class casinos in Vegas, they decide to try their hands at the Blackjack table. As we know, the aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer, whether that is by reaching a combined value of 21 across your hand, or by the dealer going bust before you. The most chaotic character of the bunch, Alan, takes centre stage to bag their big win, reaching 21 and once again, showcasing the art of card counting.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Going back to 1997, we saw the very first Austin Powers movie hit our screens. The British agent, and his arch nemesis Dr Evil, have been cryogenically frozen since 1967 – so the film follows them trying to adapt to a new, “modern” lifestyle.

Whilst the film isn’t directly linked to gambling or casino, there is one rather famous Blackjack scene that Powers fans will remember. Austin Powers plays against a character named Number Two, and we see his opponent ignore the dealer’s advice, insisting on a hit on 17. This is a risky move for any player, as anything larger than a four will quickly bring your game to an unfortunate end. But, as this is a film based in fantasy, it’s revealed that Number Two has X-ray vision, so he knew that a four was coming his way. Unfortunately, Powers wasn’t blessed with any of these…well, powers…so he frantically tries to keep up, sticking with his five, although the dealer urges him to hit. Of course, the spy loses, quite simply showing us how not to play.

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Pop Culture BeastLearn from the Hollywood experts with these classic Blackjack scenes