Let’s Try Sports: A simple guide to maintaining an ATV

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A simple guide to maintaining an ATV

Nowadays, most car dealerships will have a section displaying different types of ATVs. That’s because these four-wheeled vehicles have become a common asset for most people who want to have fun, compete with friends, and make work more manageable around the farm or house.

Regular maintenance of your machine is vital to increase its chances of lasting longer. You never want a situation where you miss out on using it because it doesn’t function as it should. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to maintain your ATV, here’s a guide to help you increase your ATV’s durability.

Ensure that you follow the break-in procedure

Typically, this is something you can’t skip. If you forget it, you expose your ATV’s engine to damage since it needs time to get used to being in use. Different manufacturers provide different procedures for their brands. Ensure that you follow it to the latter.

Additionally, ensure that you don’t ride it on rough terrain or put a heavy load on it before finishing the break-in period. Try to add small loads first; with time, your machine should be ready to handle the massive loads and rough terrains you want to explore.

Examine oil levels at all times

One mistake that most riders make is failing to change the fluids and checking the filters regularly. Typically, what happens when you don’t do so? Besides your ATV failing to perform appropriately, it will also affect the filter. Particles, metal grits, and other impurities will begin to slip through into the filter.

Hence, before any ride, ensure that you check the oil levels. It’s a simple task that takes a few minutes. Also, clean the filter often, and try to use the type of oil your manufacturer recommends.

Check the tires before every ride

Low pressure on your tires can have various adverse effects. For instance, during a race, it can be challenging to steer in rough terrains, it can cause an accident, and worst of all, it can lead to the destruction of the rim.

Therefore, check the air pressure using a tire pressure gauge before starting any ride. Ensure that it’s within the recommended pressure range by the manufacturer.

Inspect the brake fluid and pads

Your brakes are essential when you need to make sudden stops or manoeuvre through a corner appropriately. But when they are not functioning as they ought to, you will notice screeching when you apply the brakes. Worse enough, the brakes may never respond.

Changing the brake pads will depend on how often you use your ATV. On the other side, ensure that you drain the hydraulic brake fluid for safety.

Other notable points you should consider include:

  • Clean your ATV regularly to avoid mud, dust, or moisture getting trapped in the wrong areas
  • Ensure that you replace old spark plugs to reduce the chances of misfiring your engine
  • Check the belt and tighten bolts often
  • Drain fuel out of the fuel tank if you don’t intend to use the ATV soon

Final thoughts

Consider scheduling regular servicing and maintenance for your ATV with an authorised ATV dealer such as Tokyomods. Such experts provide the necessary servicing and provide your manufacturer’s most recommended spare parts.

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Garon CockrellLet’s Try Sports: A simple guide to maintaining an ATV