Lucifer Recap: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

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Lucifer recap

Lucifer Recap: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

In this episode, an old face returns.

Well, sort of.

“I’ve heard it called that.”

Their next case is a guy pushed into a vat at a pudding company. The CEO of the company has employed a familiar attorney–Charlotte Richards.

Of course, she doesn’t recall anything that happened while Lucifer’s Mom was in possession of her body. She doesn’t want anyone to know she doesn’t remember, because she doesn’t want anyone to think she’s crazy. She’s also pregnant? Yikes.

Poor Dan. He doesn’t understand why Charlotte is acting like she doesn’t know him.

“Not at all accurate, but I approve.”

They go through a few different suspects, each of whom appear to have Charlotte for a lawyer? Dan finally talks to Charlotte, and she learns more from him than he does from her.

Trixie gets into trouble at school because Lucifer teaches her ‘loophole’ swearing–substituting other words creatively in place of swear words. He did this at the beginning of the episode when he sees Chloe has instituted a Swear Jar for Trixie.

Charlotte misunderstands what Dan tells her, and thinks that her and Lucifer were lovers. Oops. Lucifer freaks out. Charlotte levels with him about not remembering what happened while Mother was in her body. She also admits she thinks she was in Hell while Charlotte had her body.

“More like family.”

Lucifer tells Charlotte that this is her second chance, and she can avoid going back to Hell by changing her ways.

Charlotte helps them solve their case.

Ella figures out that the pudding company was poisoning people, and the victim killed himself in a way that would reveal the poison. Charlotte gets the company people to confess.

Her and Lucifer also make friends?

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