Midnight, Texas Recap: Bad Moon Rising

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Midnight, Texas Recap: Bad Moon Rising

We begin with Creek and Manfred running from something growling at them, and it put some gouges in Manfred’s side.

We flash back to 24 hours earlier, and Xylda encourages Manfred to confide in the Midnighters about the problem with the house so he can get back to work questioning Aubrey’s spirit.

The cops decide that since they’re getting nowhere questioning Bobo, maybe he’ll be more talkative after spending a night getting his head stomped by members of the biker gang.

That doesn’t go quite the way they expect when Bobo manages to take them all out himself.


The Reverend has Olivia lock him in the Church’s storm cellar, saying he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, as that evening is the full moon. Wonder if that’s the creature after Manfred and Creek in the beginning of the episode?

Fiji, Joe and Manfred try to deal with Manfred’s infested house. Since Aubrey shows up, Manfred lets her take his body over to communicate who killed her. Her attacker was wearing a mask, so she doesn’t know. He was definitely a biker, though.

He tells the cop, and the cop reluctantly decides to look closer. He tells the deputy, however, that she’s suspended.


While Fiji tries to exorcise Manfred’s house, the deputy pokes around Midnight. She hears the growls coming from the church storm cellar, and nosily cuts the chains holding the doors shut.

So that’s how the Rev gets out.

And yes, the Rev is the same thing as he is in the books–a were tiger.

He kills the deputy, and Manfred sees the body after the Rev leaves her up a tree. Manfred goes to the restaurant looking for Creek, and finds out she’s at the station.

Here’s how we get to the scene we started with. Manfred gets clawed, they try to drop a car on the Rev in the garage, and they run.

Smell of trouble

Lemuel is alerted by the smell of blood, and he and Olivia go to Creek and Manfred’s rescue. They already know it’s the Rev, and Manfred explains that the deputy let him out.

During all of this, Fiji manages to exorcise the house of all but the demonic presence. The presence calls to Fiji (readers of the books know what the presence likely is), and Manfred only manages to rid the house of it using his ancestor’s skull.

Everyone bands together to find the Rev. When they locate him, Lemuel wrestles with the tiger until the tiger passes out. They bring him back to the church, and watch him transform as the sun comes up. (The transformation sequence is pretty neat and well done, by the way.)

Once the Rev comes to, he’s upset at what he’s done.

The Sheriff lets Bobo go, as they find evidence that indeed, a biker killed Aubrey.


Fiji closes a cabinet full of little glass containers of hair, labeled for all of the residents of Midnight. No, that’s not creepy at all.

She hears the demon’s voice calling her name again. Are they getting to that story arc this soon? Chuy and Joe talk about the evil in Midnight, and it appears that yes, they are getting to that arc already. They seem to think that Manfred will be the one to save the town, but if this goes like the books, they’re not quite right.

Bobo gifts Manfred a light up palmistry sign, and it looks like Manfred is hanging a shingle and staying awhile.

The bikers blow up the sheriff’s car for letting Bobo go.

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JL JamiesonMidnight, Texas Recap: Bad Moon Rising