Midnight, Texas Recap: Riders on the Storm

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Wow, so we’re getting closer to the big showdown.

Buckle up.

Midnight, Texas Recap: Riders on the Storm

Fiji is dreaming about Colconnar, and walking in her sleep. She nearly fries her friends, thinking she’s frying a servant of Colconnar. It’s a man swathed in fabric and goggles. He says he knows about her.

Fiji isn’t sleeping.

We learn a bit about her past. She went to stay with her aunt Mildred to straighten out her life, and she finds out that she’s a witch–just like her Aunt Mildred. She thought she was crazy. We also see where Fiji got her sense of style.

Joe tells Manfred that the last person to seal the portal was a shaman, and he’s buried under the church. They decide to dig him up and ask him, as there’s a sandstorm headed to town. The veil is about to open. Manfred tells Creek to leave town.

Storm blowing in

Manfred, The Rev and Joe start digging up the shaman. Creek gets caught in the storm trying to drive away. She stops to fix the car, and figures out she needs to drive back.

The figure from Fiji’s dream arrives in town.

Olivia is terrified of Lem, and won’t have anything to do with him. Her and Bobo hole up with Fiji to protect her.

We see more of Fiji’s past. She tries to check out a mysterious box in her aunt’s living room, and her aunt says it’s dark magic that she shouldn’t be bothering with. Instead, she shows her how to goose plants into growing. She causes the greenhouse to become overrun with plants. We also see a young guy she develops a crush on in town.  Then we see the dream figure outside the house. Coincidence? I’m guessing not.


The guys get to the box the shaman was buried in, and there’s nothing left in the box. So much for that plan. Wraiths chase Bobo and Olivia, and the touch of one burns Bobo. Everyone goes to Fiji’s place.

Out of options, Manfred suggests everyone strategically retreat in the bus left by the vampires.

We see a bit more of Fiji’s past–the guy’s name is Jeremy. They got close. Her Aunt warns her that she’s still not got control of her powers.

Everyone loads into the vampire bus, but Fiji doesn’t want to go–she cant find Mr. Snuggly. Manfred goes back for him, and Creek comes along just in time to pick him up. They both figure out Snuggly can talk when he gets snarky.

They figure out that the storm is following them, so figure they need to pull off the road and regroup somewhere without windows. Bobo takes them to a redneck bar. They want Fiji to explain what’s going on. She explains that the reason Colconnar wants her is because she’s more powerful as long as she’s a virgin–and at her age, she’s considerably more powerful. We learn that she’s probably stayed a virgin because the first time she tried to have sex was with Jeremy, and she burned him from the inside by accident.

So yes, the goggles guy is probably Jeremy.


Olivia tells Lem that once Fiji is safe, she wants to leave Midnight. She’s also afraid her father will track her down.

Fiji and Manfred look through Aunt Mildred’s dark magic box and Xylda’s old spells to find answers. Problem is? It requires a life. Snuggly says he wants to be reunited with Mildred, but when they do the spell, it’s Manfred who drops dead.

He ends up in the spirit realm, and the shaman is there to answer his question. He gets an idea of how to defeat Colconnar. He scares the pants off everyone when he sits back up.

By the time he does, though, Fiji has gone with goggles guy–who is Jeremy. He says if she goes to Colconnar, he’ll spare her friends. If she doesn’t, they all die.

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