Midnight, Texas Recap: The Virgin Sacrifice

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Here it is, the big finale. Buckle up, Hell is coming.

Midnight, Texas, Recap: The Virgin Sacrifice

To sum up– Colconnar wants Fiji because older virgin witches are super powerful, and he’s got all sorts of skin burning minions roaming the streets of Midnight. His most prominent minion is an old boyfriend of Fiji’s  that she accidentally killed while trying to get busy with him. Manfred may have gotten some hot tips from the shaman that sealed Colconnar in the first time while he spent a minute dead. Is there a plan? Let’s find out.


Jeremy tells Fiji that if she goes to Colconnar willingly, her friends will be spared. (Because demons always tell the truth, right?) We also find out that Colconnar plans on breeding with her to produce more demons on earth? Ew.

Bobo is determined to keep Fiji safe. If it’s anything like the books, we know what that means….*cue 70’s music*

Manfred tells the reset he knows how to kill Colconnar. He doesn’t want to tell everyone the plan yet, but he collects weapons and has The Rev bless them for wraith fighting.

Olivia and Lem have an awkward moment. It seems Olivia has forgiven Lem, but she says after this she’s leaving.


Some of the group provides a distraction to the wraiths while the rest head to the pawn shop and to Fiji’s. On the way to Fiji’s, Olivia is grabbed by a wraith and mortally wounded. Yikes.

Manfred’s plan is to grab as many spirit possessed objects from the pawn shop as he can. How is this going to help?

Olivia tells the group not to tell Manfred and Lem about her injury.

Manfred finds the evil objects he needs…and apparently he intends to grab the spirits all up and let them all into himself?


Creek loads Olivia into a car to get her to the hospital. This leaves Fiji and Bobo alone in her house. Fiji says she’s going to give herself to Colconnar and try to kill him in the process. (So, definitely a departure from the books). Bobo is less than thrilled.

Manfred has his worst of the worst picked out, and he’s preparing to become a demon balloon skin suit. He makes a deal–they help him, they go free.

Back with Fiji and Bobo…yep, Bobo goes there. Nookie to save the day. At least this offer is a little more private than the book version, which has them doing it in the road. But really—what a line. ‘Have sex with me and save the world!’ BWAHAHAHAHAHA


As Fiji and Bobo get it on, Manfred has his OK Corral moment squaring off against Colconnar. Joe protects Fiji’s house.

Colconnar gets pretty pissed when he realizes what’s happened. Manfred takes in one more demonic entity, and uses the energy to fry Colconnar. Then he vomits them all out like the end of a drinking binge.

Creek and Madonna are at the hospital with Olivia, and finally someone tells Lem.  Lem gets to the hospital and heals Olivia with his blood. Uh oh. I’m thinking later on when Olivia finds out what the side effects are, she might not be so happy.

Madonna makes a call to Olivia’s father.

That’s what the angel meant when she said she knew where Madonna got the money for the restaurant.

Creek and Manfred finally make up. Olivia and Lem get married!?

The next morning, we find out where the plot heads next–for those familiar with the books, a certain property developer has arrived in town.

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JL JamiesonMidnight, Texas Recap: The Virgin Sacrifice