Most Outrageous Horror Flicks: 1980s Edition

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Ah, the ’80s. It was a decade of excess in every way imaginable, and this was especially true in the horror genre. A lot of great horror films were unleashed, but there were so many more terrible ones that hit the video store shelves and movie theaters. Today we countdown five of the most outrageous horror flicks of the ’80s.

From Beyond

From Beyond

There have been many movies based off of H.P. Lovecraft‘s work. Most of them have been awful, but a select few are so awful that they become something more. This is the case with From Beyond, a 1986 horror film starring many of the same actors as another Lovecraft cult classic Re-Animator. The film centers around scientists that have been experimenting with the pineal gland and accidentally open a doorway to another universe filled with evil monsters. Every reel is filled with goo, slime and pure nastiness.



A young boy who was almost sacrificed by his own father during a black magic ritual grows up to be a master of the dark arts himself in this outlandish film that was just released on Blu-Ray. At his peak power, he is able to bring back his dead father and summon creatures called Ghoulies to do his bidding. For the most part, this is a throwaway film. The majority of it is simply boring, but once the Ghoulies do show up, things begin to get fun. Watch for toilet Ghoulies and lasers, so worth it.



The sewers of New York have been filled with all kinds of things from turtles to alligators in this campy flick (which is airing this week on El Rey network, which most cable/satellite TV services carry). These have nothing on the cannibalistic creatures that now call the New York underground their home. Of course, it was toxic waste that mutated these once normal people into the flesh eating monsters we now see. What makes this movie great is the over-the-top storyline, if you can call it that, and the entertaining death scenes (death in a shower anyone). Through all of this, you actually bond with the crazy characters and truly do root for them to survive.



Deadly Spawn

Deadly Spawn

Slugs are disgusting, and in Deadly Spawn they are downright vicious. When a meteorite crashes to Earth, some nearby campers figure the smart thing to do is go and investigate themselves. This obviously ends in bloodshed and then our space slugs move on to kill, maim and destroy every human they come in contact with. Besides this ultra-realistic story, Deadly Spawn features some amazing death scenes, including a group of baby alien death slugs feasting on a bloody human corpse. Yummy.

American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London

Finally, we come to our number one most outrageous movie of the ’80s which, if the mood strikes, you can watch right away on Amazon. When an American and his friend go backpacking in Europe, they get stranded in a strange pub. After being ominously warned to stay on the road when they leave, they proceed to completely ignore these instructions. They are attacked by a wild animal (or so they think) and one of the Americans is mauled to death while the other becomes ravenous werewolf. Many filmmakers have tried to do what this film does so well, and that is combine horror and comedy in a way that works on both levels. The groundbreaking werewolf transformation scene doesn’t hurt at all either.




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Brandon MitchellMost Outrageous Horror Flicks: 1980s Edition