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Space Between movie posterThe Space Between is a new indie movie from actress/director Amy Jo Johnson. Johnson’s name may sound familiar as she portrayed Kimberly Hart, the original pink ranger in the long-running children’s TV series Power Rangers.  Since donning the iconic pink spandex suit, Johnson has had a fairly successful career. Aside from Power Rangers, she’s known for starring in shows such as Felicity and FlashpointThe Space Between is Johnson’s first full-length movie as a director.  For a directorial debut, The Space Between is a solid start to Johnson’s career. With it’s intriguing story and quirky comedy, it makes for a pleasant viewing.

The movie is about Mitch (Michael Cram), a man with a wife and a baby daughter. While looking through the mail one morning, he discovers in a returned letter. In the letter, Mitch learns that he is not the biological father of his daughter. Devastated by this news, Mitch hits the road to search for the biological father. Worried about Mitch, his wife Jackie (Sonya Salomaa) and her friend Amelia (Johnson) set off and try to find Mitch.

Space Between

Mitch (Michael Cram) and Emily (Julia Sarah Stone) walking along the trail.

While the story isn’t the most original idea, Johnson presents an interesting take on it. While we are following Mitch’s story, we are also following his family and friends, and both story lines balance out the dramatic and comedic aspects of the movie. With Mitch’s story, his leans more towards the dramatic. Along the way, Mitch meets a college-aged girl named Emily (Julia Sarah Stone). Cram and Stone have great onscreen chemistry, making for some of the movie’s strongest dramatic scenes. On the other hand, the subplot with Jackie and Amelia leans more towards the comedic side. Without giving too much away, Jackie and Amelia aren’t the only ones on this journey. Compared to Mitch and Emily’s situation, Jackie and Amelia’s situation is awkward- leading to some of the movie’s funniest scenes.

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson directing The Space Between

While a consistent movie, The Space Between isn’t without its missteps. Some viewers might find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of characters introduced within the first fifteen minutes of the movie. There are also a few characters with backstories that aren’t brought up again. However, this doesn’t matter too much after the two plots start to move along. While there’s nothing wrong with The Space Between being an independent movie, the budget does show in a few scenes. In the movie’s defense, it was partially funded by Johnson’s fans through IndieGoGo. For what they were able to accomplish, this isn’t bad. In fact, some of the aerial shots in the movie are quite impressive. The movie was filmed in Canada, which is where Johnson currently lives.

Simply put, The Space Between is just a good movie. While it isn’t perfect, it’s a great effort on Johnson’s part. Prior to The Space Between, Johnson directed several short films. With this movie, Johnson has shown she can handle a full-length movie. Given the potential she’s shown with this movie, I’m interested to see in what she comes up with next.

If you’re interest in seeing The Space Between, click here to see where you can watch it. Of the many services, I personally recommend Hoopla- which only requires a library card.

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