Movie Review: “Wonder Woman”

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Wonder WomanIt only took 75 years for “Wonder Woman” to hit the big screen and it was absolutely worth the wait.

After her lackluster cameo in the unwatchable “Batman V Superman” Gal Gadot finally gets to show her stuff as the title character in Warner Brothers’ just released “Wonder Woman.’

Like “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Wonder Woman” is an origin story set in the past during wartime, this time WWI. The film hits the ground running as we see a young Princess Diana sprinting through Themyscira as she dreams of becoming a great warrior like her Aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright).

When Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), discovers that Antiope has been training Diana in secret she reluctantly agrees to let it continue as long as Diana becomes the best warrior Themyscira has ever seen. No surprise she grows up to be just that.

Enter American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who crash lands on mysterious Paradise Island and with the help of Princess Diana returns to the mainland to continue his fight against the Germans.

Once Trevor and Diana get their differing plans in action and head back to Germany, that’s when we get to see Wonder Woman in her classic attire, kicking butt like never before. The fight scenes in the film are breathtakingly heroic and will illicit emotions that you haven’t felt in a superhero movie before.

Gal Gadot is a great Wonder Woman

Gadot’s strength never takes a back seat to her femininity. She is never a damsel in distress and is never dismissed as just a girl. Wonder Woman stands as an equal to every man in this film and the screenplay by Allan Heinberg treats her as such. There are no gross come ons or lewd comments because this movie knows that is not how women should ever be treated. Wonder Woman commands respect and receives it in every frame.

Director Patty Jenkins has created a lean mean comic book film that includes a perfect origin story plus  a well formed adventure. There is not one wasted second in “Wonder Woman.” Every single scene pushes the story forward without wasting the viewers time.

The movie is not perfect and the villain who comes to the forefront during the last 15 minutes isn’t great but this is hands down the best movie in the new DC Cinematic Universe. If Warner Brothers was smart they would forget the boring Superman, put Batman into retirement and focus on the hero we need now more than ever… Wonder Woman!


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Pat FrancisMovie Review: “Wonder Woman”