Music Review: Freddie Mercury “Never Boring” Box Set

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Review: Never Boring

Never Boring

Freddie Mercury fans rejoice!  Hollywood Records has just released the definitive collection of the Queen frontman’s solo work via the five disc boxset Never Boring.

Freddie Mercury’s amazing work with Queen is undeniable but his solo ventures have always been a bit underwhelming and Never Boring is proof. This massive box set is stellar as far as packaging and design; it gives diehard fans three CDs, one Blu-Ray, one DVD, a hardbound book and a poster, all housed in a heavy duty slipcase. As far as the “bang for your buck” factor this set is impressive.

review Never Boring

Now let’s discuss the content… the CDs include Mercury’s first solo album Mr. Bad Guy, presented here in a remastered special edition format. The audio sounds amazing but Mr. Bad Guy has never been a good album and it proves that left to his own devices and without guidance, Freddie could actually be… boring!

Freddie Mercury: Boring?

Next up is Barcelona: Special Edition, Freddie’s collaboration with opera singer Montserrat Caballé. This album is absolutely amazing. Mercury and Caballé give powerhouse vocal performances on every track. Opera music is not my cup of tea and I’m not sure how many times Queen fans would listen to this disc but I guess in a time capsule-set like this it makes sense to include it.

Finally we get a Never Boring twelve track disc of Mercury’s singles, b-sides, soundtrack tunes and remixes. This disc rehashes some tracks from the other two discs but is a must for completists who need to own all things Freddie.

The video components include many unseen or hard to find interviews and videos of this legendary man doing what he wanted to do without being compromised by his famous band. Never Boring ends up being a set that only the diehard fans will want to own while casual fans might want to save their pennies and invest in the 2006 2 Disc release Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo. This set offers 35 tracks and will more than fulfill you solo Freddie fix.

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Pat FrancisMusic Review: Freddie Mercury “Never Boring” Box Set