New Supergirl TV Show in Development

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Action_Comics_285I know the Beast himself is a big fan of the Green Arrow and Flash CW television shows (as was indicated in the Beast’s appearance on the world famous 5CAST), so Beasts everywhere should be excited that the same developer,  Greg Berlanti, is producing a new SUPERGIRL series!

As Comic Book Resources reported yesterday:

“Both The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline have confirmed earlier reports that a “Supergirl” series is in the works at Warner Bros. TV. Additionally, the industry outlets report that Greg Berlanti — an executive producer on DC Comics-based series “Arrow” and “The Flash” — is developing “Supergirl” with Ali Adler, whom he worked with on “No Ordinary Family.”

According to THR, Adler will write the pilot script, with Berlanti producing. DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns is also expected to have a role in the series.

The project doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s not expected to be “Supergirl.” Deadline writes, “I hear the producers are considering several options that need to be cleared, including ‘Super’ and ‘Girl.'”” [Source]

Hahahaha! So make a show about Supergirl without calling it “Supergirl.”  They did make Smallville without calling it Superman.  So…Girlville?  Argo City?  Or maybe just Hey, It’s Superman’s Cousin!

By the way, Trehern is a huge fan of Supergirl, mostly because she’s just a really attractive and well-developed female character with all the powers of Superman.  She also has a massive amount of mythology: being killed off in Crisis on Infinite Earths, remolded into a matrix to do the bidding of Lex Luthor, and sometimes even a multiversal traveler from the Golden Age DC Universe (Supergirl = Power Girl?).  Either way, although the show may not totally center around Supergirl, it will be a great opportunity to tell even more riveting DC tales on the small screen.  Just try to refrain from adding too many vampires, CW…

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TrehernNew Supergirl TV Show in Development