No Objection to Some New Ace Attorney

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Ace Attorney 6 has been in the news the last few weeks, so let’s try to catch up on some of it, shall we?

First off, Ace Attorney 6 is coming out June 9th, 2016 in Japan with no release confirmed elsewhere. A bummer, but that doesn’t rule out an English language version. We got the 3DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies just a few months after the Japanese release, so here’s hoping Capcom has some good news its hiding from us.

Next, we’ve got some plot details. Phoenix Wright goes to the Kurain Kingdom to catch up with his friend and long time series favorite Maya Fey. While he’s waiting for Maya to finish up her training, Phoenix decides to play tourist with Bokuto Tsuani as his guide. While exploring, things go south (be a little weird to not have them go that way for Phoenix) and the”Jewel of the Founder” gets stolen along with the person guarding it being murdered.

Justice is handled a bit differently in the Kurain Kingdom, as their justice system is lacking any sort of trial system. The chief priest Pottodino claims to have witnessed the incident and a vision from the Oracle of Spirits shows what the victim saw just before his death, which apparently makes it seem like Bokuto was the thief and assailant.

Phoenix, never being one to leave things alone, takes it upon himself to defend Bokuto. It quickly turns into the “everyday” for Phoenix Wright as Bokuto stops telling the truth about the incident once he finds out Phoenix is an attorney. Not only that, but there seems to be a “Defense Punishment” in store for Phoenix as well. What that may be isn’t clear, but knowing his luck, it probably isn’t good.

Next up, here are a couple of trailers showing off some of Ace Attorney 6. This first one had fans blowing up upon seeing the return of Maya Fey.

This next one shows off some of the gameplay and some of the alternate costumes for the characters. That shirt on Phoenix Wright is…interesting.

And finally, to unlock a prologue anime for Ace Attorney 6, Capcom asked fans to tweet about it, needing 18,000 tweets to hit the unlock mark. Was it successful?

I suppose that should answer your question. It’s currently only in Japanese, but English subtitles will be added later.

That barrier was crushed rather quickly, so here’s hoping we get some kind of similar chance to prove we want this here. Maybe if you go over to Capcom Unity’s Ace Attorney page and ask nicely, we could get it over here by showing that we would like it to release here. You can also tell them on Twitter and Facebook that you would like Ace Attorney 6 to come out outside of Japan. Do remember to be nice though, these are real people on the other end of this thing.

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Jason ArriolaNo Objection to Some New Ace Attorney