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If you like family friendly word-list games and sheep puns, this charming game might be for you. However, there isn’t a lot new here.
Kickstarter Sheeple
Sheeple launches on Kickstarter today as another entry into the party game space. The premise is that the players are a bunch of sheep who want to be people, and they are trying to blend in by coming up with words or phrases in different categories. Get the same verbage as one other player, and score more points. Score less if everyone gets the same words. The scoring is kind of like Scattergories meets Dixit. There’s even a game board that acts as a sort of timer to see who can get the most points first.
Like most party games, whether they be Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Dixit, etc., I predict most groups will skip the game board and just keep playing until the fun has run out. Sheeple enters a really crowded space of these kinds of games. Its one difference is the sheep theme. The art is quaint and cute, and players are encouraged to make sheep puns for extra points.

If you don’t already have a copy of games like Scattergories, then consider getting Sheeple. It’s a little different, and can scratch that word-listing itch. If you already have a game like this (or possibly several), it’s not a must have. Of course, if you like to support Kickstarters, getting the game for $28 ($25 + $3 US shipping) isn’t a crazy amount to spend, and is close to reasonable for a self-published game, meaning if it funds, they should be able to make and ship. Like most Kickstarters, the budget math is close; the creators won’t make a bunch of money from the project itself.

This isn’t a review, really, so I won’t give a rating, but do take a moment to check out the project for yourself on Kickstarter:



A Smith Games

US $25+shipping

On Kickstarter now


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Eliot HochbergPCB Boardgame Kickstarter Preview: Sheeple