PCB Holiday Picks: Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition

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Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition

Christmas is growing ever closer and we have a few video game holiday picks coming up for you. The first is Blizzard’s triumphant return to consoles, Diablo 3. The Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition to be more specific.

Full disclosure. I played this game on PC when it was first released. I did not like it. The point and click movement style took me completely out of the game and I couldn’t enjoy it. That said, even that version was gorgeous. I can’ deny the beauty of the game but my control style pickiness (and the inability to change that in the game) left that game unplayed after a short time.

So, here we are now a couple years later and Diablo 3 and it’s expansion make it to consoles. I’ve heard so many good things about the game so I’m giving it another chance. I am so glad I did.

The point and click movement is gone and for me that changes everything. I got into the game right away and it’s a damn good game. I know it’s silly to let the control style keep me from playing the game but it is what it is.

Graphically, Diablo 3 looks spectacular on the XB1. I can only imagine it looks just as well on the PS4. I am having a hard time finding any faults with it at all to be honest. It’s fun, the voice acting is great, the story is captivating, it’s got a ton of replay value just in trying out the different characters (I played a Demon Hunter mainly).

I guess the only complaint I can think of is that it’s not an MMO. This is a world I want to explore more deeply. Not that I am not doing plenty of exploring in this version of the game. After I turn it on I seem to lose a few hours of my day.

Diablo 3 will satisfy many a gamer out there. Plenty of action, great characters design, and wonderfully detailed dungeons. You get your exploration, you get you hack and slash, you get your loot (oh so much glorious treasure!).

Put this one near the top of your list for any gamers in your life. They’ll thank you for it.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition

9/10 Demons


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Garon CockrellPCB Holiday Picks: Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition