PCB’s Illustrator Launches IndieGogo Campaign!

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Pencils, Coffee, & Markers

Remember when we launched a brand new site with a brand new Beast? We certainly do. The Beast was illustrated by a guy named Jimmy Trapp, and the new look of PCB wouldn’t be what it is today without his creativity and illustration talents.

tumblr_nbt5eyEFx61twgz2do1_1280So why do we bring this up? Our friend Jimmy has been hard at work over the past couple years growing as an artist, and now he wants to make it a full-time gig. He’s launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise a little start up money to get things off the ground and his name out there to the public!

Jimmy has gotten some attention online and in his town of Fort Collins, CO, this past year when he started drawing on coffee cups at the Wild Boar cafe. It became wildly popular, and it’s always exciting to see his new cup creations.

You can check out a few here or better yet, check out his Tumblr too!

So if supporting artists is something you like to do, we encourage you to check out his IndieGogo campaign and throw a couple bucks his way. There are some great incentives, most of which include art by Jimmy! 

You can visit the campaign on Facebook too at Pencils, Coffee, & Markers!

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Pop Culture BeastPCB’s Illustrator Launches IndieGogo Campaign!