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We truly do live in the age of information; with technology engulfing each one of our senses and a nifty gadget available for just about anything, tech today truly does inspire tomorrow. Technology has brought about radical transformation in our daily lives.

New age gadgets have propelled human interaction to a state of dynamic engagement, where we use various mediums to engage with others around us and keep up to date with new trends.

Social media platforms are a source of news and community interaction. Studies have shown that most people use various social media sites to stay up to date with the world around us, get updates on where best to play online roulette NZ games, and information on just about everything else too.

Social media is not the only way we keep up to date with current affairs; technology has provided us with various methods to stay in the loop. One such technology changing your informed space is the Podcast.

Podcasts are digitally available files that users can subscribe to and sync up with. The files can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device, and are usually available as a series, updated regularly.

The following Podcasts are centrally focused around tech and will keep you up to date with current technology making waves in the modern world.

Get In The Know With ATP

Three developers bring the Accidental Tech Podcast to you. These guys really know what they talking about in the world of tech and if you’re keen on all things technological, then you must tune in.

The show brings you in depth explanations of new tech products, humorous jokes about industry leaders in the tech world and new key concepts in programming language to keep you up to date in the world of development.

Explore Your Place In Technology With Analogue

Analogue is a podcast focused around the human aspect of technology. The show will help you assimilate nifty gadgets like the Apple Watch into your lifestyle.

It’s the perfect show to help you manage your lifestyle and incorporate new gadgets into it, which allows for a new take on your daily routine with advanced tech.

Get It All With Clockwise

Clockwise is brilliantly informative and dives into all things tech in just under thirty minutes.

The show features refreshing content and listeners will get an ear full, from the latest Windows 10 compatibility updates to new trends in online advertising and social media.

The shows format always remains the same and as the name suggests the discussion works like a well-oiled clock.

Listen To Rocket To Bring Out Your Geek

If you really want to bring out your inner geek in a world full of new trends and technological gadgets then tune into Rocket.

Featuring three female hosts Rocket is a unique Podcast show making history, and bringing you a jam-packed selection full of the latest news on tech, comics, movies and video games.

Less Is More With This One

If you find yourself rushing about frantically during your day, you might want to take a five-minute breather every now and then. Tech Talkers Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World allows you to do just that.

It’s a five to six minute long Podcast that brings you helpful tips in short snippets. The show provides listeners with information on an assortment of topics including but not limited to; how to protect your electronics, cut back on mobile data usage, how to protect yourself online and how to avoid spam.

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