In This Is The Police, You’re Turning In Your Badge

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Ever wonder what it was like to be on the other side of the badge? Not on the realistic side of things, you can spend a day moderating squabbling teenagers and then writing about if you want that. How about the corrupt cops you normally see in the movies that end up getting taken down by the rookie that gets teamed up with grizzled veteran who’s “told old for this shit” and they both learn something along the way? As odd a premise as it might seem, in This is the Police you deal with more with the management side of that.

You play as the chief of the Freeburg Police Department who’s set to retire in 180 days. You’re goal is to earn $500,000 in that time. You have to have your officers respond to day-to-day calls, fight for budget, and decide how to handle “favors” from multiple factions. How corrupt will you be? How far will you go? How much paper will you push? There is no one way to play the game and there are multiple outcomes depending on your choices.

At the very least, This is the Police looks like an interesting take on a resource management game. It’s releasing this summer for PC, Mac, and Linx. You can check out two trailers below as well as some art and screenshots.

Story Trailer

Gameplay Trailer













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Jason ArriolaIn This Is The Police, You’re Turning In Your Badge