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Episode 12: Derek Smith!
This week, we welcome Derek Smith into the podcast! He is more than a hilarious comedian, he makes furniture, cooks bacon in the oven, makes t-shirts and clothing for boutique’s all around the world. The last part may not be completely true. Anyway, he took to the ghosts like nobody has ever before. Listen to hear all about Derek’s likes of pop culture for his whole life. Also, why not go drink some chocolate milk. It isn’t needed to listen to the podcast, but I feel like you would enjoy it for sure!

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Matt Riggs grew up in rural Indiana and barely attended Indiana University. After his dreams of working at an amusement park for the rest of his life were squelched, he headed to Chicago to try comedy. He can be seen in shows all over the Midwest and is a cast member of Chicago Underground Comedy. He participated in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, The Limestone Comedy Festival 2014 and the 2013 TBS Just for Laughs Chicago. He has a weekly podcast called Bad News/Good Timing on iTunes. When he is not trying to think of things that people might want to read on his bio, he is enjoying a nice podcast or perhaps inventing a new food made with mostly hot dogs.

Matt RiggsPop Culture Beast Carol Podcast: Derek Smith