Preacher Recap: The Light Above S03E10

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Preacher Recap: The Light Above

Season finale time! Will Jesse FINALLY kill Grandma? Will Tulip find a way off the bus? What about Cassidy?

‘You shoulda killed her.’

We start the episode with a recollection. Jesse got tired of the relentless violence, and told Grandma he wanted to go visit Tulip. She gets shitty with him about it, and when he yells that she killed all of his remaining family, she agrees with him. She did. This must be where Jesse goes back to Tulip in Texas. Overnight, it looks like the Devil was there. Grandma accuses Jesse of being afraid of Hell, and when he looks about to beat her to death that night with a baseball bat, she reminds him of that. Jesse says he’s leaving, and she predicts that he’ll be back. We see young Jesse and old Jesse pass each other in the driveway.

Jesse walks in the house, and confronts T.C., who’s easily defeated with Genesis. He tells him to shoot himself. He shoots himself in the foot. When Jody confronts him, he suggests they duke it out at The Tombs.

What? Why in the hell would he do that?! SERIOUSLY?

We see the bus again. Everyone tries to crawl out of it, and we see Hitler’s buddy’s TANK parked in the road. And as he and his compatriots  get out of it, we see they’re all in Nazi uniforms.

I am surprised they got away with this on network TV.

‘Yeah, well, now’s your chance.’

Sidney and the Saint duke it out with Hitler’s people. It gets pretty messy. Tulip kills her fair share of Nazis, of course. Eugene knocks out Hitler.

Sidney taunts the Saint, for some suicidal reason. The neo Nazis drive a tank over the Saint. Just as the Saint is about to kill Tulip with a tank shot, time stops. God/Dog is there, apparently Tulip isn’t supposed to die yet. He tells Tulip Cassidy is in danger. Tulip leaves. Time resumes, and the Saint is whole again. He strangles Sidney, and offers Eugene a hand up. Looks like the Saint got tired of everyone’s shit.

‘Welcome, you motherless goat humpers.’

Jesse and Jody slug it out in The Tombs. (WHYYYYYYY THO?) After being reminded that Jody killed his father, Jesse (FINALLY) kills Jody. Jody gets back up long enough to proclaim he was proud of Jesse. He leaves T.C. alive.

Eccarius helps Cassidy down off the pool table he’s nailed to. O.o  It’s starting to look like Cassidy is forgiving him, and Eccarius tells the cult he’s repented and wants to stay with them, and there’ll be a blood ceremony to celebrate (That means someone’s getting turned). The nerd’s mother raises her hand. Iiiinteresting. Looks like she took what Cassidy said to heart. When they go to turn her, Eccarius finds that Cas has already turned the whole cult (well, he turned the old lady, she did the rest), and they tear Eccarius apart.

Jesse stops long enough to text Tulip to check up on her. Then it’s on to Grandma. He makes her release him and Tulip.

‘Like some kind of bad dream.’

We find out Grandma’s new deal with the Devil is that if Jesse kills her, he goes to Hell and she doesn’t. He makes her destroy the souls, so she can’t get an extension on her life anymore. If he can’t kill her, time will. (Or maybe Tulip?) But no, Jesse decides to kill her after all, and hooks her up to the soul extracting machine. Then, he looks to be at peace.

Cassidy tells the cult members they can do whatever they want now. Tulip calls and says she’s coming to pick him up, and Hoover rejoins the cult? He brings Cassidy a gift of an umbrella. Turns out its because he has the Grail take off the top of the house and fry all the new vampires. He and Cassidy have shade from the sun. He turns Cassidy over to the Grail.Tulip arrives to find the house a smoking ruin, and two vamps that survived tell Tulip that the Grail have him.

‘I assume she had it coming.’

Back in Hell, Eugene tries to talk to Satan, and when Satan backhands him, the Saint objects. Sidney brings the Saint his weapons back (and she looks awful), and apparently part of the retrieval deal was that Satan would let him go kill the Preacher. When Satan finds out that it’s Jesse he means, he lets on that it’s all part of the plan–once Jesse dies and goes to Hell, he brings Genesis with him. Uh oh. Does this give the Saint a reason to rethink his vendetta? The Saint pulls a gun on Satan and asked who’s idea was it to have crows peck his wife and daughter’s bodies, and Satan tells him it was God’s. Now he has something in common with Jesse–he’s going to want to find God. He shoots Satan in the head, and bats escape out of the hole.

Sidney protests, and he tells her that the rules have changed. Also? He’s leaving and taking Eugene with him. Has the Saint of Killers grown a heart? He leaves Hitler behind, and it looks like Hitler is going to take over Hell.

Tulip picks Jesse up from Angelville. An angel flies in to visit Cassidy in his captivity. Starr exposes Hoover to the sun. Starr also admits he wants Jesse dead, and unleashes some planes and helicopters.

Next season should be interesting.

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