Quick Six Interview with Eman El-husseini

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Pour_Imprimer_DSC8696Eman El-husseini will be appearing in the Most Races Show On Earth at the Knitting Factory in NYC on 11 April 2017. In advance of her performance, Eman gave us a quick look into her thought process with her Quick Six interview.She also wants you to know that she’s left handed and a Leo which is basically the perfect concoction for perfection i.e. Barrack Obama. And with her sharp wit, I’d say she’s a triple threat.

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1) What has inspired you recently?
My love life. I married someone who came in a completely different package than I ever expected and it’s been the absolute best!!
2) What do you do when you aren’t actively writing for, or rehearsing for a show?
Looking for the best possible meal. I really appreciate good food although my waist line hates me for it. 
3) What would you do if you weren’t doing comedy?
If I can go back in time I would have loved to be a professional tennis player, a dermatologist or a therapist. I should have stayed in school and stuck to my tennis lessons. 
4) Where is your favourite place to perform?
So many places. New York is obviously incredible, I was just in Atlanta and Chicago and that was wonderful. In Canada I especially love Vancouver and Ottawa. 
5) If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Debra Messing
6) What’s next for you?
fame and fortune of course. 
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Eman’s upcoming shows include performances from L.A. to NYC to Halifax NS! Catch her at any of these shows:


  • March 19 Trapped with the Comics
  • March 21 Aftermath
  • March 22 Delicious Comedy
  • March 22 Venice Underground Comedy
  • March 23 Comedy Garage
  • March 23 Little Joy Comedy
  • March 23 Comedy Palace
  • March 23 U Up? 
  • March 25 Tao Comedy
  • March 26 The Markaz


  • March 30 Brick City (Newark)
  • April 2 If You Build It @UCB East
  • April 6 Happiest Hour @Revision
  • April 11 MRSOE @Knitting Factory


  • April 13 MRSOE @Adelaide Hall


  • April 26-29 Ha!ifax Comedy Festival 
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Robin LynnQuick Six Interview with Eman El-husseini