Reasons to Play Sports with Your Loved One

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Reasons to Play Sports with Your Loved One

Have you ever thought that a gym could be a great place for a date with a loved one? Have you got used to training alone? We advise you to experiment and come to the gym next time not alone but with your soul mate. It is definitely worth trying and continuing to do joint sports not only because it is more fun together.

There are at least half a dozen reasons to play sports with a loved one both in the
fitness room and on the street. We will tell you why it is very useful.

· Strengthen relationships

Men, you will make sure that you have the best wives in the world. According to numerous studies,
joint sports activities increase the romantic attraction of partners to each other. During physical
exertion, the body experiences physiological symptoms similar to those that occur when falling in
love: heartbeat and breathing become more frequent, perspiration appears, and a rush of endorphins
begins. At the unconscious level, your partner will perceive these manifestations as renewed or
heightened romantic feelings that will affect a relationship as well as possible. Also, doing sports,
people get rid of aggression and negative emotions, which, among other things, can be caused in
everyday life. Secondly, partners come out of the comfort zone, engaging in a duel with a loved one.

· Spend time together

If there is very little free time in your schedule (a typical story especially for residents of
megalopolises), then you need to constantly choose from what to give up this time – to meet you’re a
loved one and ignore the gym time after time or spend time in the gym but miss the chance to meet a
loved one. Joint exercise will be a good alternative to spending time together, and the benefits will
exceed all expectations. First, you will strengthen the relationship. Secondly, you will have another
common interest. And finally, a beautiful and sports body will be a bonus not only to you.

· Improve your body

There are some sports that you simply cannot do alone – you need a sparring partner. This is, for
example, tennis, squash, dancing, and different types of stretching. Wouldn’t it be better to see your
only one as a counterpart? So, you can diversify your leisure time and sports regime together with
your soul mate.

· Motivate

It is not easy from a psychological point of view to get up at 7 (and even 8-9) o’clock in the morning
on Saturday and go to the gym or start jogging. But if you have an accomplice, a person who agrees to
accomplish morning physical feats together with you, it will not be so difficult to fight laziness. After
all, you probably don’t want to fail in front of a partner? So, it’s enough for both of you to solemnly
make each other a promise, and you will see the result soon.

· Control

Psychologists have proven that we try best when someone is looking at us. Of course, your soul mate
is not a personal fitness trainer, and they will not control your every move, but your brain will think
so, and it is definitely fine. In addition, there are two of you, which means that there is a sense of
some rivalry as well as the desire to prove to a partner that you can run faster, jump higher, and be
stronger than he/she thinks.

· Understand each other better

To do sports together is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better. Did you know that
your loved one loves dancing, hates dumbbells, has a better stretch than any fitness trainer, or swims
like a goddess? But now you know that your partner can do crazy things in sports. You can only envy
yourself that you have such a loved one.

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Garon CockrellReasons to Play Sports with Your Loved One