RIP Prince : His Filthiest Lyrics

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Prince dies RIP Prince

Prince is dead.

In shock. In total shock. No, a blank white post on his Instagram is not enough in telling us, enigmatically, psychically, that we have only a week left in a world where Prince exists. We needed more warning! We are barely over Bowie!

The only way to get through these stages of grief, are with some of his filthiest lyrics. These are blush-worthy. Especially if your name is Marsha.

It’s okay, he would have wanted U to Want It.

RIP Prince
(you filthy little genius)

In the daytime, I think not, I’d rather do you after school like some homework

Ah, am I gettin’ you hot?

In my bedroom, no, ‘cuz then we’d have to stop (Please don’t stop)

I’d rather wait ’til everyone’s fast asleep, Then do it in the kitchen on the table top, oh

We gotta break it on down, down, down

Can you hear me, girl?


You use furniture in new ways, yes you do, I can’t find the adjectives enough to say

I’m so glad you’re my baby, okay
“The Other Side of the Pillow”


Hey, lover, I got a sugarcane

That I wanna lose in you

Baby can you stand the pain
“Soft and Wet”


“Look here, Marsha, I’m not saying this just 2 be nasty

I sincerely wanna fuck the taste out of your mouth.
“Let’s Pretend We’re Married”


“Take me baby, kiss me all over

Play with my love

Bring out what’s been in me 4 far 2 long
“Do Me, Baby” 


I wanna get hot wit u

Get you underneath the cream and ooh

Get you doing things you thought you’d never do

Make you suck your tongue and say, ooh
“Hot Wit U”


All of my hang-ups are gone

How I wish U felt the same

We could fuck until the dawn (Until the dawn, until the dawn)
“Erotic City”


We need 2 talk about things

Tell me what cha do, tell me what cha eat – I might cook 4 u

See it really don’t matter cuz it’s all about me and u

Ain’t no one else around, I’m even with the blindfold, gagged and bound
“Sexy Muthafucka”


And of course, most of the noises he made between delivering lyrics – the sound of sex on stage. Darling Nikki approves.




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Martina O'BoyleRIP Prince : His Filthiest Lyrics