Secret Hobbies of the Rich and Famous

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In a world of a thousand cameras it must be extremely hard for celebrities to enjoy any privacy. It was bad enough when they just had to contend with the press attempting to snap them every waking minute. But now with front-facing cameras and selfie sticks they are faced with a completely different type of obsessive – the public. And they are only growing!

We all need to unwind, celebrities even more so. Therefore, it is of no surprise that they try to keep their hobbies private. If you cannot even enjoy your hobby in peace, is there really any enjoyment to be gained from it?

But with it of course being the 21st Century it is nigh on impossible to keep anything secret. So, below are some of the favoured activities of the international A-List.

Tiger Woods – Diving


by  Keith Allison 

Any cynic who may say that Tiger Woods’ favoured hobby is extra-marital affairs would be put straight by the golfer, who much prefers diving and spearfishing in his spare time. The American, who gets to travel the world with his job, has free dived to depths of 100 feet in the past. With Woods’ golf form in serious decline, expect him to spend more time looking for treasure on the ocean depths of the Caribbean.

Piers Morgan – Cricket

by  thisiscow 

Hate him or hate him – this is not a typo – one thing that everyone has to admit about Piers Morgan is that he gets you talking. It’s his job after all. Expectations were high for Piers when he took over from Larry King, but not even the outspoken Brit could attract viewers and in February 2014 he was axed. Every cloud has a silver lining and for Morgan it was the ability to come back to Britain and get back to watching his beloved sport of cricket. Morgan is very close friends with England’s cricketing loudmouth Kevin Pietersen, who is a player Morgan vehemently backed throughout his England career and the pair actually batted together in 2008. Cricket has long been Morgan’s obsession but right now it is painful for him to watch as England are playing some atrocious stuff. They are practically being written off as no-hopers to win the current Cricket World Cup and are 20/1 in the cricket betting.

Angelina Jolie – Dagger Collecting


by  Gage Skidmore 

Angelina Jolie has always been that sexy combination of beautiful and dangerous. Indeed, her hobby of collecting daggers certainly falls into the latter category. You would have thought it would have been her role in the Tomb Raider franchise that introduced her to the world of daggers. But instead it was her mother when she was just 11-years-old. Either way, with a collection like that you wouldn’t think Brad Pitt will be planning on a Jennifer Aniston reunion any time soon.

David Beckham – Fencing

David Beckham

by  NathanF 

When David Beckham left Real Madrid for LA Galaxy back in 2007 he completely immersed himself in the Hollywood lifestyle. At the time of his arrival he became bosom buds with action star Tom Cruise, and it was he who introduced the former England captain and Will Smith to the sport of fencing. The threesome would go round to Cruise’s house and have a go. Now that’s an invitation that you would be buzzing to receive.

Justin Timberlake – Golf


by  Jax15 

The king of cool loves nothing more than a quick 18 holes to unwind. The actor/singer has become well known in Los Angeles for his stellar amateur golfing skills and has actually been brought in by Callaway Golf to serve as a creative director. Of course, when you have had three albums go to number one in America, you don’t need to pay to become a member of a course, you simply just buy one. Unfortunately Timberlake’s tenure as golf course owner was nowhere near as successful as his experience in both music and film. After pouring $16 million in Mirimichi Golf Course, Tennessee, he went on sell it last year for a reported $500,000. That’s an eye watering loss. You are talking river-flooding scale tears.

Cameron Diaz – Snowboarding



by  GabboT 

As a former flame of Justin Timberlake, you would expect some of his coolness to rub off on her. However, in all fairness it was probably the coolness of Cameron Diaz rubbing off on Timberlake. Diaz, who faced criticism a few years back for her refusal to quit the sport despite her ability to procure acting roles, absolutely loves the rush you get from curtailing down the snowy hills.

Jennifer Aniston – Hiking


by  Chesi – Fotos CC 

You could never imagine Rachel Green of Friends would ever even contemplate walking anywhere. And considering how intrinsically linked Jennifer Aniston is to her most famous role you can’t picture her strapping up and taking off into the wilderness. Oh, but she does and she absolutely loves it. Aniston is very much an outdoor type.

Kobe Bryant – Soccer

by  Boixoesnois 

The LA Lakers legend is a lot more complex than people give him credit for. His father, also a professional basketball player, took up an offer to play basketball in Rieti, Italy, which meant relocating his family to the other side of the Atlantic. Kobe, who was just six at the time of the move, flourished in Europe, learning to speak both fluent Italian and Spanish but also developing a love of soccer. His side were AC Milan, who peaked during Bryant’s time in Italy with players like Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten all joining the club. Although Bryant returned to America in 1991, he never forgot his time in Italy and to this day avidly follows his side, who right now are struggling in Serie A.

Madonna – Yoga

by  choupigloupi 

The “Queen of Pop” does things with her body that no 56-year-old should be capable of doing. Kudos to Madonna, she has kept herself in phenomenal shape thanks to her devotion to Yoga and Kabbalah, which put her at one with the earth rather than the normative anthropological view that most human beings possess.

50 Cent – Boxing



50 Cent has been fighting all his life. After being giving a tough start in life he went out and slugged it on the dangerous streets of New York from the tender age of 12. This fighting mentality has stayed with him for the remainder of his life. Once he made the breakthrough into the mainstream, his life of crime was left behind but not his fighting spirit. Fiddy has had beef with The Game, Rick Ross and, most recently, Floyd Mayweather, who he mocked for being illiterate. Considering that Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 fights it seems incredibly brazen that Fiddy would attempt to goad him into a fight, but then again this is the crazy world of rap where really anything goes.

Bruce Willis – Basketball


by  Hot Rod Homepage 

You can quite often find Bruce Willis at the Barclays Center cheering on his beloved Brooklyn Nets basketball team. Willis, who established himself as an action star with the hugely popular Die Hard franchise, once said one of his immortal John McClane (main character in Die Hard) lines live television following a Nets victory.

Ronaldinho – Karaoke


by  Fotos GOVBA 

It has been quite some time since Ronaldinho was on top of the soccer world. The maverick Brazilian attacker was one of the most skilful players to have ever graced the game, and while he still has the touch and the talent he no longer has the pace, developing a rather rotund gut. Ronaldinho’s growing weight could be explained by his rumoured love for karaoke. Could the Brazilian be drinking too many cocktails before getting up to belt out Bryan Adams? Probably not, but that’s because he is more of a David Bowie man.

Fernando Alonso – Magic


by  ph-stop 

Fernando Alonso was recently involved in an on-track crash on his return to McLaren. We wonder whether the boys from McLaren sent round a magician to cheer up the Formula One driver. With so much time spent travelling between countries, it is little surprise that Alonso has taken up a hobby that requires little more than a deck of cards. On the track, Alonso has always been the one to produce the unexpected, only Lewis Hamilton will contemplate taking the same crazy risks that the Spaniard does on the track. If Alonso’s magic is half as good as his driving then David Blaine could be in trouble when he retires from racing.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Pool


by  john.gillespie 

Whenever you see Leonardo DiCaprio in the newspapers he is surrounded by a harem of staggeringly stunning women whilst having fun at an iconic nightspot. It is no secret that DiCaprio likes to party, and so would you if you could party like he does. Over the years DiCaprio has put his partying to good use by learning the classic pub game of pool, in which he is supposed to be a dab hand. After pool his other hobby is pool parties.

Ryan Seacrest – Wine Tasting

by  Jyle Dupuis

Is there a schedule in Los Angeles as busy as that of Ryan Seacrest’s? There’s E! News, American Idol, American Top 40 on television and then he also has his hugely successful On Air With Ryan Seacrest morning radio show. How he manages to find the time to sleep is worrying enough. Luckily Seacrest is pragmatic and has a hobby that he can fit around work commitments. You can just picture him swilling red wine around his mouth whilst he is driven to a different studio to work on a different show, and when you are the producer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians you most certainly deserve an alcoholic drink.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Knitting
by  david_shankbone 

As Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was the embodiment of mid-thirties sex appeal, style and class. However, after being introduced to knitting by co-star Kristin Davis, Parker subtly made her way into middle age. Now with children keeping her occupied, she has all the time in the world to sit down with some wool and make jumpers.

Charlie Sheen – Baseball



by  gingerbydesign 



The best of Charlie Sheen’s hobbies would certainly be baseball. As a youngster, Sheen was actually pretty awesome at baseball. He was the star pitcher and shortstop for his school. Had he not had such a grounding in acting thanks to his father and older brother, then he may never have opted for a career in film and may have stuck to baseball. If he had, he would probably have been a lot healthier but probably a lot more irrelevant. With a longstanding love for the game, it is not uncommon to see Sheen at baseball stadiums all over America.

Steve Carell – Online Poker


by  Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer 

As one of the funniest men in Hollywood – Carell recently shredded that tag with a captivating performance in Foxcatcher – everything Carell says has to be taken with a pinch of salt. So when he said he made all his money from online poker people were rightly sceptical. However, although most of his money comes from acting, Carell is a fan of poker and could be sat opposite you in any online poker room that is of course if he is in a state or country that allows for gambling.

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