Set Up MAME Emulator to Play Favorite Old-School Video Games

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Do you remember those old-school machines we used to have to play video games in childhood? If you were born in the 2000s you probably don’t know what it really was. But you have a unique chance to get to know now.

We don’t offer you to replace your laptop or smartphone with an outdated console or something like that. What we offer is to forget about consoles and to keep the games, as it is not a problem anymore to recreate Xmen, Contra, or Bublbobl games from the 90s on your modern computer and smartphone. If you have the MAME emulator software and MAME roms, you can easily do it yourself. How? Download the files, install them, and play. Both rom download and MAME emulator download are completely for free. And you don’t have to be a professional developer to install MAME emulator at home.

MAME Emulator Download and Installation

First of all, let’s find out why MAME is exactly the one emulator you need. There are many other programs you can download instead of it, right? So, why MAME?

The most obvious reason is the games. MAME emulator supports around four thousand unique video games and ROMs. The number is obviously huge. Just imagine how big the variety is. We have to admit that, in reality, the number of playable games is a little bit lower, around two thousand games or so. Still, it sounds pretty good.

In 2017, we have free access to the most popular MAME roms like:

  • Pacman;
  • Xmen;
  • Contra;
  • Airduel;
  • Aliens;
  • Bagman;
  • Mslug;
  • Dkong;
  • 88games;
  • Goldnaxe;
  • Rollergj, etc.

The MAME emulator download process is quite simple and easy. If you have never played ROMs you may have some problems with installation. In case you need a helping hand, here is a brief guide.

How to Install the MAME Emulator

If you have already downloaded the MAME file to your computer, extract and open it. It won’t take that long. Then, download the ROMs you want to play and add them to the list in a MAME folder on your PC. Don’t pause the emulator every time you want to try a new game, going to the website again and download and run each game, one by one. So, download at least a couple of games when you will be installing the MAME emulator.

Now it’s time to play. Double click on any of the games and wait for a couple of seconds. It is okay if there is an error message on the screen. It will disappear as soon as the game will be opened. If you have a black screen, it’s okay too. Just be patient, the game will be loaded very soon. The program will immediately offer you to reset the control buttons, so you can adjust them if you want to. If you have your buttons already set, just skip this moment. You can also stretch the screen, but in most cases this is a very bad idea because the games were not designed for modern screens’ capacities and you will get worsened quality instead.

After you managed with all that stuff, you can actually play the games.

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Pop Culture BeastSet Up MAME Emulator to Play Favorite Old-School Video Games