Shatner in STAR TREK 3!!1!???

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Probably…probably not.  What do I know?  I’m just a random blogger in cyberspace!  But hell if that’s gonna stop me from speculating, I might as well give up this most glamorous of lifestyles.

**burps up Mr. Pibb and briefly falls asleep**

Many fans were upset when Shatner was passed over for Nimoy in the new ST Abrams-verse, but I thought it was done well even though the movie lacked many of the philosophical and human questions that were posed in previous “original crew” films.  Plus, let’s remember Star Trek: Generations SPOILER, Kirk is dead.  Unless you’re referring to the Shatnerverse, where his zombie body is resurrected 300 years AFTER falling into the Nexus; if that’s what you’re referring too, congratulations you’re my new best friend!

shatner_TwitterLet’s talk ST. I don’t know anything about the current gossip. Nobody has contacted me. Right now it’s just rhetoric to cause hype. – @williamshatner

The last appearance of Old Spock in Trek into Darkness was so laughable, I’m surprised Nimoy and Shatner want any part of this new series of films.  They just lack that old charm.  Plus it’s hard to top The One with the Whales (my personal favorite).  What do YOU think?  Should Shatner, in some role, enter the Abrams-verse?  What character would he play?  Will he take command of the Enterprise, like he ALWAYS does??  Let us know in the comments, and keep exploring those final frontiers…

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TrehernShatner in STAR TREK 3!!1!???