Short Film Review: GENRX

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Written and Directed by John Taschner

Starring: Melissa Marie Elias, Katie Barth, Aaron Groben, Andrew Espinoza Long, Stephanie Martinez, and Heather Murdock

Distributed by Tricoast Worldwide and appearing at the American Film Market.

It’s always fun to get a look at the future of film. To see how the next generation of artists is creating and what they come up with is exciting. This is no exception in the case of John Taschner who, at just 18, has crafted a great short with big potential, with his film GENRX.

The film is about a future society required by law to take pills daily in response to an ebola epidemic. Sarah, played rather great by Melissa Marie Elias, has decided to stop taking her medication. She finds herself caught and then at the mercy of some strange government agents.

It’s a tight short film with some good action, great effects, and nicely directed performances.

The worst part of this short is that it is over before you know it. That’s probably my only complaint about it. It’s a great teaser for what might become a series or film but I definitely wasn’t ready for it to end. I wanted more.

GENRX is a great calling card for its young director. It’s well written and smartly directed. It’s even more exciting to know that this came from someone so young. The potential this kid has is profound. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table when someone gives me a few million dollars.

If you get the chance to check out GENRX I would certainly do so, if only to say you saw the early works of what is sure to be a big name in film in the very near future.


8 out of 10 Pills!

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Garon CockrellShort Film Review: GENRX