SINE – Michael Wayne’s New CD

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Michael Wayne has produced another great collection of easy-listening tunes on his new 10-track album SINE.  I’ve reviewed Wayne’s previous endeavor (SPLIT) and had nothing but praise for it.  SINE is no different!  Containing soothing electronic hits for any relaxing part of your day, SINE doesn’t tear you into any particular direction.  Rather, it allows to to explore and find all on your own.  If you’re into yoga, mediation, transcendental thought or blogging, SINE’s tracks allow you to enter an environment of the mind and sends the listener into a soothing lull with no distractions.  Clear you mind and readjust with the meditative music of SINE!

SINE includes the following tracks:

a3531080811_21. Sine
2. Climbing Out
3. Look Both Ways
4. TrippedWire
5. She’s Bouncy
6. Mr. Smith
7. First Contact To Totality
8. Chaos Of Old Memory
9. Sorry I Couldn’t Stay
10. Goodnight Aria

Feel free to purchase SINE on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon.  Make sure to leave a review; that always helps the artist get a boost in visibility.  And follow the musician Michael Wayne on Twitter!

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TrehernSINE – Michael Wayne’s New CD