Slow Down, Bull: Quirky Fun for the Casual Gamer

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_thumbnail__slow_down__bull_by_memoski-d8pwtu0In Slow Down, Bull by Insomniac Games, Esteban the bull is a moody artist on a mission. He’s a sensitive bull who likes to collect art materials like buttons and googly eyes. He enjoys calming himself in cool ponds. But when things don’t go his way or you exhaust this purple bull, watch out: Esteban goes on a destructive rampage! It’s your job to keep Esteban calm, steady, and cool so he doesn’t freak out. He’ll literally bounce off the walls.

In a visual style that’s Monet meets a 1970s picture book (think cool greens, popsicle sticks, and construction paper grass), Slow Down, Bull is fun, delightfully quirky, and challenging enough to keep you keeping Esteban off the edge. You think a basic left-right control is easy? Tell stressed-out Esteban that, especially when there’s a timer. Speed up, bull!

Slow Down, Bull is perfect for the casual gamer, whether you’re looking for some fast-paced fun or an artful distraction with a psychological bent. Plus, part of the proceeds from this family-friendly game go to Starlight Children’s Foundation! The only addition I would want is a Xanax mode, where you and Esteban just stroll unhurriedly through the arty screenscape, calmly collecting buttons and baubles. Use the mouse, touchpad, controller, or keyboard to keep Esteban—and yourself—off the edge. Beautiful, pure fun.

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Kari TervoSlow Down, Bull: Quirky Fun for the Casual Gamer