So you want to take your kids to Denver Comic Con…

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So you want to take your kids to Denver Comic Con…

When you think of big comic conventions, do you think of taking your kids? In the case of Denver Comic Con, you really should.

Denver Comic Con is run by an organization called Pop Culture Classroom.

Pop Culture Classroom is an art and literacy organization that runs programs to bring art, reading, and personal awareness to classrooms all over–to school districts, teachers, and community organizations. Through the media of comics, books, movies, TV, video games and other forms of pop culture they create learning experiences, and get parents involved.

This year at Denver Comic Con, they had an entire Kid’s Lab section on the exhibitor’s floor, as well as kid’s programming.

From how-tos on making superhero costumes to professional comics creators and scientists talking to kids, there was a wide enough array of programming and activities to capture the attention and imagination of any kid at any age. Science, pop culture, comics and art projects ensured that any time I passed by the Kid’s Lab, it was full to bursting with smiling and enraptured kids of all ages. (I took the pictures before the doors opened, so you could see all the signs.)

The programming and activities looked pretty cool! Along with tables from the local Science and Nature museum, they had some creative stuff dealing with computer science, a STEAM lab, and some of the folks doing talks on the All Ages Stage were people I’d have been excited to see.

So, in short–if you’re worried about taking your kids to Denver Comic Con in 2019, don’t be. Not only is there plenty for them to do and see, you can be certain there’ll be age-appropriate activities and presentations that you won’t mind sitting through, either.


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JL JamiesonSo you want to take your kids to Denver Comic Con…