Something Different: How to Write a Memorable Story

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How to Write a memorable story

We all want to write memorable and high-quality stories. Not everyone has the means and the interest to write good stories. Some want to write short stories but do not know what they need to do to become better writers. Short stories are for instance needed by magazines, anthologies and blogs, and newspapers. As such, many people may want to become better writers of stories. In this article, we want to learn what makes a story memorable and what one needs to do to become the best writer.


  1.   Stories are not the same as novels

Whereas novels are longer, stories and generally short stories are shorter. However, they need to be coherent, have proper spelling, and should be captivating as well. However, all these forms of art need to tell a story. As you write the story, ensure that it has a rising action, should have incidents that are inciting, and should have a climax as well as a falling action. This way, you are sure the story will be interesting and easy for your readers to follow from the beginning to the end.

  1.   Start close to the end

You want to give your readers the entirety of the story near the end. It should be near the opening of the story so that your readers can get the gist of the story upfront. This way, your readers will know whether they want to continue reading the story or not. Sharpen the opening lines of your story so that it captures the reader’s attention in the earliest stage possible.

  1.   Keep up the pace

For people who want to write short stories, the pace should be fast. This is more so when the main characters come to the final conflict of the story.  The fact is that these stories begin close to their final conflict, then it should hit the ground running to keep the reader entangled in the story from the beginning to the end.

  1.   Have few numbers of characters

This is another very important aspect of a story that you need to keep in mind. The fact is that many readers are not able to keep track of many characters in stories. If you are writing a short story, then ensure you have three characters at most. All one needs in the story is a protagonist, an antagonist, and a wrenching character. The reader just needs someone to cheer on and another one to hate in the story. It is also plausible to have just one character in a story and still have it flow well and be interesting.

  1.   Appeal to the five senses

This is yet another important thing you need to be careful about. Your story should appeal to the five senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and visual sense.  This ensures your readers are transported to the world of your story when they get the appeal of these senses. Words can create all these senses based on how one crafts the story and maneuvers the plot of the story

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Garon CockrellSomething Different: How to Write a Memorable Story