Concert Review: Sonos Studio + Pandora: An Evening with Miguel

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SONOS Studio + PANDORA: An Evening With Miguel

To call Alt/R&B crooner Miguel‘s music intimate is an understatement. His music sounds like 90’s era Prince and Janet Jackson had a sexy baby that had no choice but to mature into a satin-voiced lothario. That’s why a cozy, elegant venue like the Sonos Studio is a perfect fit for the artist.

He was clearly right at home slithering effortlessly through an hour long set that touched on all three of his increasingly impressive albums, but focused mostly on the standout tracks from his newest release Wildheart (RCA Records). The LA native was at home in more ways than one and his knowing smile and familiarity with the local fans was infectious.

The Pandora listeners who had earned their spot in the audience by streaming his music on his artist station on the site were more than grateful for the chance to have such an up close and personal serenade. The ladies (and even a few gentlemen) screamed his praises as he wrapped his crisp tenor around new tracks like “Simple Things” and “Waves” proving that the new album is already a hit with fans. His more well-known songs were unsurprisingly well received also. A rocked out re-imagining of his 2012 hit “How Many Drinks” from his Kaleidoscope Dream album was a highlight, as well as a soulful rendition of his biggest hit to date “Adorn” from the same album.

What makes Miguel standout from his contemporaries is his ability to infuse all of his sex talk with a vulnerability and intimacy that goes beyond the physical, but doesn’t lose any sexiness for it. If anything it takes the experience to the next level. Seeing him live on stage one can glimpse that earnestness and his genuine joy of performing was palpable. If you get the chance to see him on tour this fall don’t miss it. His next show in the LA area is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in September. Talk about intimate.

SONOS Studio + PANDORA: An Evening With Miguel

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Marques WayneConcert Review: Sonos Studio + Pandora: An Evening with Miguel