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The Sound Unseen Fest is underway in Minneapolis-St Paul (check out their site for the full list of event dates and places) and right out of the gate they’re screening a great little film from Iceland called Metalhead. Here’s the main character:


Let’s check it out!

Hera’s brother is killed in a gruesome accident on the family farm which she witnesses. In her grief she takes up his love of heavy metal, ultimately growing into a rebellious, metal loving teenager. She’s at odds with everything and everyone around her. Drinking too much, frustrated with life, always threatening to go to the city but never leaving, she is a ball of self destruction. Her parents are beyond fed up with her and her music and lost in their own grief. Hera is in a tailspin that leads to dire consequences.

Hera is an amazing character; Thora Bjorg Helga plays her like an Icelandic Lizbeth Salander but with a lot of vulnerability. This is one of the few movies I’ve seen set in the Icelandic countryside and the setting is incredibly important to framing her struggle. Hera stands out in stark contrast to the peaceful, treeless, rolling grass plains of Iceland. It’s a beautiful but desolate landscape and it’s fascinating to watch the characters that live and work there. Writer/Director makes her journey into a tortured and captivating film. This is pretty incredible and moving story of coping with loss and the metal’s not half bad either!

Metalhead is playing at the Sound Unseen Festival at the McNally Smith venue on Thursday at 7PM.

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Adam RuhlSound Unseen Film Festival – Metalhead @SoundUnseen