Tech Trends That You Need To Know About For 2021

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Tech trends that you need to know about for 2021

Interweaved with pretty much everything we do in this day and age, technology continues to grow, improve and baffle at an alarming rate. Want to keep track on the latest technology trends and make sure that you’re in the loop as we come out of lockdown and into 2021? Here are a couple of different short examples of tech trends that you should be aware of, and might be able to utilise in your everyday schedule going forward into the future.

Developments in virtual reality

Virtual reality technology is primarily used in the gaming landscape, but it is increasingly becoming a mainstream piece of technology that, when used in the right conditions, can provide an incredible amount of escapism. Not only is it being used to treat patients in certain ways (from amputees learning to walk with the aid of prosthetics to trainee surgeons being provided with a first-person perspective that they will not have been able to get prior), but investment companies such as RWinvest are also innovating with the technology during lockdown, showing information and content in unique ways to those that are stuck at home and can’t interact traditionally.

The social benefit of VR is also worth paying close attention to in coming years. Many of us have been using Zoom calls and similar web chat services in order to stay close to those we love during the pandemic, and VR may very well become a more intimate and evolved version of that, with friends and family able to connect over the internet and come together in a ‘virtual meeting space’. Another benefit is experimenting with new sensations or experiences is a great way to work out what you like and don’t like. Being so new and experimental, VR porn could aid people in doing so.

Productive smartphone applications

Aside from using our smartphones in order to communicate, there are a huge number of other productive things that we can be doing with them, from again investing to learning a completely new language entirely. These sorts of possibilities will only grow as developers and companies making apps grow more creative and ambitious, and the technology and spec within our handsets get better.

If you’re interested in reading through some of the most interesting and productive smartphone apps at the moment, check out The Big Investment blog for their article with some helpful places to look for financial-specific apps in particular.

Cloud-based streaming

With the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launching in the fall of this year – and being extremely difficult to get hold of unless you like playing extortionate scalper prices – gaming technology is getting better within the household and becoming capable of doing more with visuals and performance. However, growing streaming services such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and Amazon’s Luna are looking to bypass the traditional box setup entirely, using high-speed internet connections in order to stream gameplay directly on to your tv from a highly-powered remote server PC.

Of course, the potential usages of this technology are gaming-focused currently (which is often the case with many different pieces of technology as it is being tested and iterated upon), but the potential for this in the future is monumental. By accessing a powerful computing system through the cloud as opposed to having to splash out on expensive PC rigs within their own homes, the average consumer will be able to complete tasks that typically would require more than just the average laptop or tablet. These could include anything from simulating a 3D environment in order to look at interior design plans for a home redecoration, To industrial level graphic design projects and large-size file rendering.

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Pop Culture BeastTech Trends That You Need To Know About For 2021