The Biggest 2019 Tech Trends

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The Biggest 2019 Tech Trends

As all of us are aware, the past few years have changed the technical field dramatically and new
innovations remained constant. With the beginning of 2019, it will be great to see what this year
holds in store for the techies. You don’t just have more people playing casino games with a Caesars
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, there are some other great advancements too.

A Glimpse of 2018

Honestly, last year wasn’t so good for the tech industry with privacy issues from Facebook being
triggered throughout the year, and to add to it Google as well was thrown in a loop with claims that
it shares personal information from Gmail accounts with third-party companies to generate revenue.
With this said, it is clear that the tech industry needs to focus more on laying a solid foundation
rather than breakthroughs in 2019. Here are a few of the biggest trends this industry will experience
this year.

5 Definite Trends in 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for a while now, but it won’t be an overstatement that
we are still in the initial stage of a major breakthrough. With new branches of AI developing rapidly,
like Machine learning, these systems can mimic human intelligence and make decisions based on
data collected over time. This phenomenon leads to the second trend, that mainly deals with

2. Robotic Automation
Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a process, not unlike AI, that allows businesses to automate
tasks which are repetitive like managing and interpreting data. It is a common belief that these
automation processes are more focused towards tedious and boring jobs but that is not really the
case, these processes can be utilized by everyone from workers to the CEOs.

3. Augmented Reality
This was a huge trend in 2018 and is definitely a major part of every application this year too. From
Snapchat filters to Pokémon Go, augmented reality (AR) is taking the world by storm, this trend is
only getting popular and does not seem to be slowing down even in 2019.

4. Cyber Security
It is normal to question the growth of cyber security in comparison to other technologies, but not
unlike other technologies cybersecurity is constantly evolving. The main reason behind this is that
the threats are at large, and personal data is at great risk due to malicious attacks on systems. To
cope with these attacks this field of technology is rapidly progressing, but most people neglect how
far it has come.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)
This is probably the most popular tech trend at present, inserting tiny microprocessors and chips in
everyday items to digitalize and simplify the user experience. These devices store and interpret data
and react to situations accordingly with an active Wi-Fi connection, their number has significantly

increased and are a trend in 2019 as well. Every device or ‘thing’ in this case, even items like an
umbrella, is being connected to the internet to make our life better.

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Garon CockrellThe Biggest 2019 Tech Trends