The Most Beautiful Houses in Movies

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The Most Beautiful Houses in Movies

Movies are useful for a variety of purposes, including passing the time, providing an excuse to ask someone out on a date, keeping up with conversations, and maybe even gathering our life pegs.

We enjoy films in which we can identify with the characters, and we also enjoy films in which the characters serve as role models for the lives we strive to live.

Here is a list of the most beautiful homes in movies that make you want to move or, at the very least, redecorate after winning a jackpot at online casinos.

Something’s Gotta Give

We sit up in anticipation as Jack Nicholson and Amanda Peet arrive at the driveway of this East Hampton estate. We’d like to see more of your work. Not ol’ Jack messing around with Amanda, but the inside of the rest house.

And it doesn’t let you down. The film gives us ample glimpses of the lovely rooms to make us want to redecorate our humble homes to match Diane Keaton’s breezy laid-back holiday home.

The Holiday

Sure, Kate Winslet’s cozy cottage in this romantic comedy about house swapping was charming, but when she stepped inside Cameron Diaz’s L.A. mansion, she got the better end of the bargain. The TV room is a must-see. Or how about a room with blackout blinds that can be operated remotely?

This is actually everyone’s conception of how a big-time movie producer’s home could look.

Maybe trying your luck at might help you win a massive jackpot and buy the most beautiful and spacious house around your area.

Crazy Stupid Love

Aside from the fact that Ryan Gosling is shirtless in the scene, we see enough of his character’s bachelor pad in the film to make us want to see the whole thing.

Thankfully, someone did the legwork for us and tracked down the Skyline Residence in Los Angeles. This is how the actual property appears:

It has a comfortable outdoor movie deck where you can sit with your friends (better if there was a sala set!) on a nice summer day and watch old movies, or maybe Crazy Stupid Love.

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